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  1. BigBlock

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    I have a northern lights plant that is about 5 months old growing in DWC. Being the crazy addict that I am, I ended up cutting off everything with trichomes before she finished flowering. At that point I switched back to 24 hour light and vegging nutes. It's been about 3 weeks now, and I'm happy to see alot of new growth at the bottom of the plant.

    Anyway, I know plants can be turned into a hermie when their light cycle gets messed up. What are the chances that I've turned this plant into a hermie, and how do I tell?
  2. dreadydrug

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    you'll get male flowers, & its more likely that the stress will turn it hermie, (being not just the light cycle but the cutting & shit aswel). just keep your eyes open for male flowers
  3. J DOG 6000

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    It takes alot of stress ussually.But some gene's are more stable then others.
  4. BigBlock

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    How bad would it be if it does turn out to be a hermie? Could I just cut off the male flowers to keep it from pollinating anything? Or will the buds be smaller and/or less potent?

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