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  1. jimmybobjoe

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    I have never had a Hermie before now(or at least i think) and i would be interested in seeing some upclose pictures of you guys hermies in the early stages. Hardon, i know you said you were gonna post some close-ups of your hermie but i have yet to see them on here. everone feel free to post pics of you misfortunate shemales for everone to look and study(including myself).

    Thanks :D
  2. Marc Benson

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    Here ya go. Note balls and hairs = hermie = bummer.

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  3. jimmybobjoe

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    Mine dont look like that. Maybe mine isnt as hermie as yours is. lol mine has about 6 balls total spread over different nodes of the plant.
  4. SeedKing72

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    Is there a way to get only females seeds out of a hermie?
  5. jimmybobjoe

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    My friend who has been growing for years says that the seeds will be all female if the plant turns hermie. he said that the reason they do this is because survival is the plants first and formost goal. Stress can kill a plant so the plant puts out all female seeds so that if somthing does happen after its life the seeds produce a plant that can go hermie if somthing stressful threatens the plants existant. its kinda of like an adaption. a male plant cant go hermie so producing a male plant in stressful conditions cant help the plant reproduce. I could be wrong but this is what my friend told me.
  6. Marc Benson

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    "mine has about 6 balls total spread over different nodes of the plant"

    If there's balls and pistils it's a hermie. Not sort of a hermie. Just a hermie. And if one of those balls busts opens and throws it's seed all the females around it will be full of seeds. I've read of people pulling the balls off and growing them to completion with females in the same area, but most times they say that the females had seeds in them too upon harvest so they must not have got all of them.
  7. jimmybobjoe

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    Well here is a couple of different angles. Im open for opinions from everyone.

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  8. jimmybobjoe

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    Just curious what your thoughts are on this Hardon. been following your posts for quite some time and you seem like you know your crap!!! Thanks in advance!
  9. Marc Benson

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    It doesn't take the 'exhaulted one' to see that plant is a hermie. Like I said balls + pistils = hermie. How much simpler can it be?

    That said if it were my plant I'd pull the balls off it if there were only a few and keep it going. Watching really close to see if thier production increased to the point where it just wasn't worth the hassle of doing so.
  10. jimmybobjoe

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    The reason i was asking for several peoples opinions was becase bobbongs 2nd grow on page 4 they were debating if the balls on his plants were male or female. They finally came to the conclusion that they were female pods growing different. That is what i am hoping in my case. This is the first Easom hill strain ive attempted to grow and it truly has been growing different in many ways. i wasnt trying to sound like i wasnt listening to your opinion. I guess im just hoping for someone to tell me thay are female pods that have not popped yet. Thanks for your opinion, it is greatly appreciated.
  11. Marc Benson

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    Those are balls as sure as those great big giant nuts hangin' off the 1800 pound bull (Diablo) out in the back 40 are balls. But I could be wrong.

    HARDDON Registered+

    Sorry bout not posting the pic of me hermies...I had like 4 outta 21 be hermies.....but they are all over the yard and last night i killed one that just turned on me that was outside...

    But yes, you got a hermie, no doubt about it.

    The pic in BB post you referred to was never a ball...it was just a small flower pod.

    Yours are balls and flowers...guaranteed.

    Sorry bro......

    But you can let it grow outside and get some decent quality smoke from a hermie sometimes.
  13. jimmybobjoe

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    Well crap, i hoped to have better news than that Hardon but thanks for looking. This plant was started about 8 or 9 days after yours was and i was gonna follow your grow to the T with mine, except when you started talking about how you were having hight issues i pushed mine into flowering. It was at 6 1/2 inches when i put it into flower as yours were taller i think. its doing great and the secondary growth didnt even start until i put it into flowering so the secondary growth is real close to the stem just like the christmas trees you wanted to have. I think that is the key if started from seed. As for the hairs, they are all growing and swelling very close to the stem and the plant stands at 16" right now. I am about 2 1/2 weeks into flower and the growth has just about stopped, as i think the plant is focusing all of it's energy making little flowers now(and a couple of BALLS). I did make the major mistake of growing it outside for the first 14 days. Because of that the lower portion of the plant has 1 1/2 inches + between alternating branches. Well i appreciate all of your opinions and I think I will castrate sandy and see what happens. There are only 4 Balls on the entire plant so i think it may work.

    FLORIDA MON Registered+

    Stress & hermies?

    I have this "friend" who is a relatively experienced indoor grower.

    Now, he has to keep a check on his girlies starting around the 4 week point to look out for hermies.

    Some of them go to just about full maturation with no or few seeds by harvest.

    However, many of them start to develop seeds at about the 5 week point.

    The seed bundles usually start at the bottom of the plant and work their way up to the top. And, once they start, they spread like wildfire and here comes the axe!

    He's understand that stress can be a major culprit; such as photo-poisoning, heat, lack of water...

    However, might there be chemical or nutritional inbalances that may be to blame as well?

    I've heard that you should go lite on the nutes toward the end of the flowering cycles.

    What do ya think?

    HARDDON Registered+

    JamesRobertJoseph burned his plant and no longer visits us here. :(

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