Herpes from pipe?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Spagett, Dec 13, 2007.

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    Hey, sorry for making a topic when I've only had 1 post, but I just wanted to have this question answered; I hope it's in the right section.

    Anyways, I was wondering if it's possible to catch diseases like cold sores and herpes via sharing pipes?

    Thanks a lot!
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    common sense dictated


    I haven't posted either. I would say that it is most likely possible, certainly. Someone I knew would put a flame to the mouth piece of a pipe everytime the pipe was passed to him. I suppose that might work, but he didn't keep the flame there long enough in my opinion. Personally I no longer smoke with casual aquaintences. It is sort of disgusting passing a joint or a pipe to a stranger. Anyway, yes it most certainly is possible to contract herpies or worse from cross contamination due to sharing a pipe. would you suck on a glass dildo that a person with herpies was just felating?
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    i heard that herpes can be also spread from door knobs, toilet seats and ect... but only way they spread is from an open herpe sore touching something then touches you. the transmission rate for herpes is pretty high. i got this from the web "by the age of 50 more than 80% of American women will have contracted at least one strain of genital HPV" imagine when you get older that when you meet a girl that 8 of 10 has it. so imagine how men's ratio to herpes is going to be. i even heard that some herpes even penetrate through condoms~! nice thread tho, really made me do some thinkin
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    yes yes yes yes

    The herpes simplex a (cold sore virus) will be present at different times in the saliva of an infected person. Using the same toothbrush or eating and drinking utensils can transmit the virus, but kissing an infected person is the best way to catch it.

    Highest concentrations of the virus are present in saliva whilst the infected person has an active herpes blister, but if the carrier is a 'shedder' they may have virus present in saliva constantly without ever fully developing blisters. Many 'shedders' don't know they have herpes unless they have bloods done.

    Adds a new dimension to 'sharing a pipe'. :hippy:

    ps the virus is present in highest concentration on the surface of the actual blisters. I only mentioned saliva transmission because it is of most relevance to the question.
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    funny to see how you get more sure of yourself as the post goes on
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    O f coars you can, you can get HIV if someone infected leaves a little blood on a pipe and you get it in your mouth. Never every smoke with people who have cold sores, never smoke with people who have herpies or any kinda transmitted desises. Even out of respect I alwyas burn the moth peice of the pipe before and after I toke. I got a good friend who we know is clean but he gets cold sores all the time, we wont smoke joints with him ever, And we know hes clean we sent him to the doctor, but its just nasty. Protect your self or your gonna get Jock itch from sitting on the worng toilet stall or even the wrong chair.

    Comon sence--------even in gym class they wash that rope
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    Damn, well looks like I'm going to be the only one using my pipe from now on haha. What is a good way to sanitize your pipe? Because I'm going to clean it and want to make sure it's totally good because a couple of people have used it
  9. MadSativa

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    Alcohol and fire, not both but one or the other or both just not togeather. Like I said toaste up the mouth peice a sec then toke, and dont toke if you have questions, cause that hippi bullshit of peace love and happiness share with everyone will get you an STD
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    Well thanks for all the answers. Are you saying heating it up with a lighter after someone else uses it is a good way to not catch anything? Like if sharing with someone who might have something and just heating it with a lighter and you wont get it?
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    Man this is a good thread i was wondering this too along time ago. I was blazn up in this kids basement and his sister is a crackhead and she had some shit on her lip. she got the pipe b4 me and when she passed it to me I took my lighter and cooked the mouth piece right in front of her and I just inhaled it with out touching it. I was always worried Id catch some ish from that dirty bitch or her brother from smoking. Now that I know you can im glad I always cooked the mouth pieces and blunt tips.

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