hey guys help with robotriping?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by galaga420, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. galaga420

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    hey dudes and chicks havina nice night are yah?

    first post on this new name (somehow forgot old names password..guess i sacrafice memory for this...ahem...hobby :) )

    i am 15 155lbs and i have 118mL of robotussinDM in front of me (oh yippe :eek: ) i plan to have amy first robo trip tonite off this bottle. but i am not clear on how mutch to take. i know you good people have all heard this same damn question over and over but i have only seen it for a few different brands. any wya any help appreciated greatly by you guys

    smoke up (drink up in my case *yucky*)

    -galaga rules beyotch! best game ever!
  2. first we need to know how many mg/ml and you need to make sure the ONLY active ingredient is dxm post that then someone will be glad to help you
  3. galaga420

    galaga420 Registered

    active ingredients: (in each 5ml tsp)
    dextromethorphan HBr, USP 10 MG;
    guaifenesin, USP 100 mg
    ^that ruined it didnt it...

    and the bottle is 118mL (4 fl OZ)
  4. rajking86

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    That sure did ruin it. throw that bottle away (or keep it in case you actually need it one day when you're really sick) and get the same kinda bottle but with DEXTROMETHORPHAN only.
  5. that's not so bad....but that greatly increases the chances of spewing it all back up....but that inpaticular chemical isn't really harmful, i wo uldn't recommend it tho...i've heard of very few people getting to keep it down wtih that chemical, and with that inpaticular bottle...one isn't going to do much, you need atleast i think 7.5mg/kg of body weight to reach the third platuea (most strived for platuea it's the one people actually start tripping on) and as it stands with that bottle you are getting 3.37 mgs/kg so that's first plateau maybe the second not sure on that. to get you 7.5/kg you need to take atleast 525 mg total or about 2 1/3 bottle. so i think you'd be better off getting one with a higher ratio of dxm per tsp and without the other shit in it....cuz right now you stand a very high chance at puking, way higher than tripping atleast..and if you do get something stronger that estimate drops drasticly so don't go taking that much .....
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  6. galaga420

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    ^^thats me smokin a blunt in my avatar! i know im an ugly one :p

    hey, thanks alot slipknotpsyko,and rajking89 you guys were great help. i am going to put the bottle in my closet for a sick day. or maybe just a day i am willing to puke to get trippin. so thanks all im going out in the back yard to smoke a fattie.

    cheers! best wishes.

    galaga! (you can call me kent thats my name)
  7. rajking86

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    Man, no disrespect, but I'm only 18, but in the pic you look like you're at the most 16? I dunno, but it's not only gonna make you puke, you dont wanna OD on Guanifesin, (sp?) or other acetaminophen cuz our bodies is still developing too, dont wanna fuck with your liver and stomach man.

    I never told anybody really on the forums or other friends either but, in February I did some DXM for the second time, but overseas, and I just pulled some off the counter local brand, but it had only DXM and i chugged the whole 4 FL Oz. and I NOW KNOW WHAT CHILDBIRTH MUST FEEL LIKE.

    7 hours of non-stop, climactic, pain in my stomach. I dont know what the fuck happenned, cuz when I did Robo back in Houston TX in December I only did 2Fl. OZ and i was already robo walkin, hmmmmmm this brand was fucked man. I ended up goin to get an emergency injection and all my pains thankfully went down in less than 10 minutes, but I loss a lot of weight and it fucked my mind up, body was out of order for days.

    Dude, you dont wanna be laid out on the floor for 7 hours in TEARS, only mumbling "God-d-d, please stop this".
  8. galaga420

    galaga420 Registered

    hmm. well i did say i was only 15 :) but oh well. sorry to hear you had a tummy ache :)
  9. shaggzx

    shaggzx Registered+

    Yeah, don't do DXM, it's stupid.
  10. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    why do people try stuff like cough syrup and orregano and listerene? sounds pretty stupid to me...
  11. tylerkane

    tylerkane Banned

    DXM and listerene/orregano are tottally different.
    Why do them?
    Can not get your hands on shrooms or acid, thats why for DXM.
    Listerne and oregano?
    Who would be that fucking stupid to smoke oregano/drink listerene?
  12. ......i can name a name for the listerine....and .i. (resembles a middle finger) i was only like 13 lol...
  13. RedRainDrop

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    ok, dont buy any robitussin, it tastes like cock juice, and usually makes you puke. i reccomend buying a 145ml bottle of delsym DM. Drink the whole bottle wait an hour. i've had crazy trips from this. i've puked from doing it a few time though. i recommend it though.
  14. tylerkane

    tylerkane Banned

    i chugged 600mg of it last night, it isnt that bad
    just man up and dont pussy foot
    just pretend your with a really fat girl and you wanna get it over with
  15. jadeius

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    i don't know about where you folks are from, but i live in SC, and it's easy to find the gelcaps here, in eckerd or walmart, you just gotta look for a while...the bad thing about the cough syrup is that it contains so much sugar that it can fuck with your kidneys and stuff so your body tries to puke to get rid of it before it can get there...it depends on your tolerance to sugar and your metabolism...people that have constantly eaten candy and junk food with sugar and drank sodas constantly are more likely to be able to process the large amount of sugar....as for the one who downs dxm, i say you prolly just couldn't handle it because i thought it was pretty damn cool myself, a little intense, but pretty cool...it's definitely worth it if you don't have anything else, but i will smoke pot and be happy before i'll do dxm just because it has some side effects

    good luck lookin for the gelcaps, they're out there :D
  16. kaela

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    Ugh I feel really stupid right now. I just straight-up drank 7oz of tussin CF and I thought I was feeling the effects when all of the sudden .. BAM.. nausea hit me like a brick. I sat for a while believing I could overcome it because I always do in other cases (sea-sickness/percocets) . I ran downstairs and sat on the steps next to the bathroom just in case. Good idea. I spewed. Tussin hitting the walls, toilet seat, and then finally the bowl when I opened it up. God it felt so bad. I still have tussin up my nose. I'm not feeling nauseous anymore but I'm starting to feel some small effects of what's still left in my system. Like I said, I feel really stupid and probably should have found out more about it first. I'm feeling kinda dizzy. At least I can still type I guess.
  17. and this is exactly why i always say research a shitload any new drug you plan on trying.....but mistakes happen and mistakes are what make us who we are, learn from you mistakes and research anything you do from now on
  18. kaela

    kaela Registered+

    The stuff is wearing off (that or i'm getting used to it) and I'm feeling a lot better. I kinda like what it did though. Not the puking my brains out part.

    See, that's why I call myself stupid. I usually do. I usually research all that I can and get different peoples' perspective.

    I'm still high from yesterday and I do a lot more stuff that I normally wouldn't do when i'm high. That's all.

    I've been sitting and listening to music watching my lava lamp for a while.

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