Hey Kentuckians

Discussion in 'Kentucky (KY)' started by LolaGal, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. LolaGal

    LolaGal Registered+

    Anybody else find this forum? It IS hard to get to.......Would like to make new local friends.....
  2. bluegrass58

    bluegrass58 Registered

    hey, west ky here
  3. kwgphoenix

    kwgphoenix Registered

    western ky here too
  4. cleohunter

    cleohunter Registered

    West KY

    Recently began smoking again after not having done so in awhile. Would like to find friend in West KY.
  5. havok019

    havok019 Registered

    Would like to make some new friends in Louisville area:thumbsup:

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