hey man,i dont have any thing to smoke with(like a bong or pipe,you know what i mean)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by x6xhellx6xspawnx6x, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. x6xhellx6xspawnx6x

    x6xhellx6xspawnx6x Registered

    hey man,i dont have any thing to smoke with(like a bong or pipe,you know what i mean)what makes good rollin paper...................im kinda a noob.
  2. YES

    YES Registered+

    You could make a homemade bong or pipe. But if you wanna roll and dont have any papers, you can use bible paper form the backa nd make sure there is no ink or you can use toliet paper wrapper but it taste nasty.

    I just rolled me a big 3 paper joint and im savingit for a wake and bake.
  3. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    use a ciggarette tube and rip off the filter, altought using printing paper probably isent as thick lol
  4. qwerty

    qwerty Registered+

    make a homemade bong......go here for instructions on making whatever you want.......www.smokewithstyle.com
  5. qwerty

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  6. dHazed

    dHazed Registered

    use your head man
  7. x6xhellx6xspawnx6x

    x6xhellx6xspawnx6x Registered

    cool thanx for the sugestions
  8. UserName AlphaNiner

    UserName AlphaNiner Registered+

    To make a pipe....

    1) Don't use foil/plastic/painted objects/things that melt or ignite as a bowl.
    2) Be creative.
    3) If it doesn't work, be more creative.

    Only rules to making smoking devices are to not use anything that will produce extra smoke or add other chemicals to the smoke when you're lighting it. To figure out if something will do that, burn it first. If it smells or melts or burns, then don't use it.

    Making things to smoke out of is one of the funnest parts of smoking. If it works, sweet...you got high using your own creativity and building skills. Which is a better feeling than going out and buying a pipe for $50 and smoking out of it.
  9. Day Dreamin Faze

    Day Dreamin Faze Registered+

    the wax papers in a bible :)
  10. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    all the papers in a bible :)

    you may as well...if you're smoking weed, and there is a god, and he don't like it, you're goin to hell anyways.
  11. Day Dreamin Faze

    Day Dreamin Faze Registered+

    I think im going to buy a smoking bible and roll some fatt J's
  12. bowlsnapper2012

    bowlsnapper2012 Registered+

    yah dont use printer paper cuz it burns WAY to fast
  13. bowlsnapper2012

    bowlsnapper2012 Registered+

    one time we tried to roll a jont with an eighth and a piece of printer paper i burned too quickly so we just used my friends huge monster bong his parents bought him for christmas
  14. koshea

    koshea Registered+

    but thats used as wrapping in bagged guifts..its nearly identical to rolling papers and it makes me feel special smoking a pink j
  15. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    haha lol...bible papers rule. You can stick it to the law and god at the sam time
  16. GooseBear

    GooseBear Registered+

    how do you roll your perfect joint?
  17. jbrandy77

    jbrandy77 Registered

    why not just some blades guy that is so easy fuck all u do is put 2 butter knives on the stove like inbetween the coils and let them get red hot and take a ball or weed u rolled up not that big though and put it on 1 blade and press the other one on top and use a like a bic pen with all the guts taken out for a hooter to inhale threw...trust me i do it ever morning but it works better with hash oil lol but ya u r sure to get ripped
  18. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    Just make an apple pipe. Make a hole from the top to the center of an apple, then another from the side to the center, clear out all the apple guts, put a screen on top (if you don't have one just stick your finger in any standard faucet and you should find one) and the weed on the screen. Takes less than a minute to make.
  19. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    an u can eat the apple fer muchiez when yer done lol. this iz a good idea ive tried er not only wit applez an itz a great quick fix. if yer fucked fer papaerz but have a pack ov smokez, take out the foil an seperate the foil an the paper part. itz like tissue paper az buddy wuz talkin bout earlier. a homemade bong wood b the best chioce tho.
  20. Sedater18

    Sedater18 Registered+

    yea you can take the the wrappers of like double mint gum or whatever and if you take off the feel carefully then you have papers.

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