Hi all from the UK...

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  1. Zolabud

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    Hello all from the UK. South coast near Brighton.

    I have just popped my first seed. Purple Kush which I think is an Indica mainly.

    Anyway been Googling for the past few days trying to find out what to feed my seedling.
    I know the soil I potted it up with has food for about a fortnight but I am unsure what to feed it on when it grows a bit more.

    In the last few hours it now has another set of leaves forming and I so want it to grow....

    Will do a spot of browsing now. And may ask a few questions later.

    Bye for now....

  2. Weezard

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    I just watch them carefully. When the new growth gets a little pale, I "feed" them Captain Jack's dry ferts.
    That usually takes about 4 weeks with FFOF.
    Then, I don't "feed" them again until they ask.
    I put feed in quotes because it's not what we are doing here.
    When we call it feeding, we almost always overdo it. :)

    Wee 'zard

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