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  1. SmokinGroove

    SmokinGroove Registered

    Hey all.

    New to this forum as a way to find like minded people in my area if there are any Kent people on this forum.

    I have been in canada for the last 8 years and have been a grower for some time.

    Now I am in Canterbury and am looking for any friendly folk around here.

  2. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    welcome to the boards SG. glad to have you here! good luck in your quest.

  3. SmokinGroove

    SmokinGroove Registered

    thanks shake.

    I have worked with many of the best strains over the years and am always up for some friendly discussion and advice.
  4. psychocat

    psychocat Registered+

    Welcome man.
    I'm a northerner who moved to the south of England via a few other countries.
    Fave was Holland but I've always fancied a look at Canada, all that wilderness and hardly any peeps*, that's sweet. :thumbsup:

    *people :D
  5. SmokinGroove

    SmokinGroove Registered

    right on psycho,

    I love my homeland of Canada. Very liberal and lots of places to grow freely. Cheap power for indoor and mild weather for out.

    I am liking Kent so far. Only complaint is that people are a bit less bohemian than I am used to ;)
  6. BuddahSmoke

    BuddahSmoke Registered

    Hey, I happen to be in Canterbury. It's a cool place, and is pretty easy to get weed.
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  7. FoolsGold100

    FoolsGold100 Registered

    yeah, i go to uni in canterbury, altho i have to disagree with the post above, getting good bud in canterbury is almost impossible, well that is what ive found overthe last year, most of the stuff here is very very poor compared to even average bud from london/manchester/birmingham etc. any real city really
  8. BuddahSmoke

    BuddahSmoke Registered

    Well you obviously don't know the right people. no offense, but the stuff i get is great. But you do need to know the right people. If you want to get good bud visit herne bay or maybe even whitstable. Herne bay has a lot of good weed.
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  9. FugerZ

    FugerZ Registered

    Hi Im new to this web... I live in Canterbury aswell. Only lived here for just coming to two yrs... I did know someone that could sort me out but now he can't.. He was useless anyways lol... I can't seem to find anyone else though it's getting really bad... Can anyone help?
  10. Stoopid

    Stoopid Registered


    Am I too late for the Canterbury band wagon ?
    I've just moved here for uni, and just signed up here to hopefully meet some peeps in the area.
    Ha this thread is a year old. Sorry for raising the dead.
  11. Kimaris

    Kimaris Registered

    yo bro. I'm in Canterbury too, pretty new to cannabis, trying to find what works best for me e.t.c. and trying to find a decent supplier. It's a really nice city.
  12. sarah smokes

    sarah smokes Registered

    Hey, u still in Canterbury? I recently moved
  13. sarah smokes

    sarah smokes Registered

    I find Canterbury lovely, but also find it a bit lacking when it comes to alternative culture ☹
  14. 07blacks

    07blacks Registered

    Well I hope someone still reads this thread and help me get some contacts please. Just moved here from Manchester. I lived in Kent for years before but only Rochester way
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  15. zanele

    zanele Registered

    Hey guyz,im new on this forum,all the way from Swaziland,wher the best gold is grown
  16. minimi69

    minimi69 Banned

    Hi there, just came across your post and interested to hear from you to see if you can help point me out in the right direction, I have just moved to Canterbury and hoping to meet some like minded people. Hope to hear from you. Many Thanks!
  17. Mark Gordan Smith

    Mark Gordan Smith Registered+

    O look...an old thread updated.
    Canterbury, University city. Old home of some good prog-rock bands. Caravan springs to mind.

    Shame that this forum has been so badly corrupted with spam-spam-spam though.
    But you can come on over to http://www.cannabisknowledge.nl/forum.php and meet good folk there.
  18. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    I agree, CK is a friendly place. :)
  19. Mark Gordan Smith

    Mark Gordan Smith Registered+

    See u there, Wizz.
  20. minimi69

    minimi69 Banned

    Hi all, thank you for the info on CK. I was hoping to connect with someone from Canterbury. Anyone here from the area as I have just moved here... Many thanks in advance!

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