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  1. 07blacks

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    Hey that's cool. I know no dealers have you had any luck
  2. Nuka

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    Hi ladies and gents.

    We moved to the area about a year ago and we have had no luck meeting people who are in to the things we like. We have a few nice hanging spots in town but right now nothing to do in these hang out spots.
  3. Baladi

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    Hello everyone

    Been in Canterbury a while but never been able to find a regular source. Any suggestions? I will be eternally grateful because at the moment I am having to go to London every time I need it!

  4. Baladi

    Baladi Registered

    Did you have any luck??
  5. Adir

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    Hi all. I am also new to this city and struggling with finding greens.
    If anybody could help me out please contact me :gievesnhawkesqwer@gmail.com or leave contacts.
  6. johnny_cee

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    Looking for smoke near Ashford Kent. Can drive no problems
  7. Killumanati

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    I live in Canterbury for School at the moment, decided not to go back to Canada over the break but I am completely alone in town and cant seem to find a link...wondering if someone can help
  8. Gimbler

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    Hey guys. I’m in Whitstable for the foreseeable future and am looking for any sort of link. My flatmate doesn’t know anyone and as I am new here I don’t know where to go. Any advice would be helpful.
  9. Gimbler

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    Follow up
    Located very near the Neptune pub

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