Hidden Message in South Park???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Great Spirit, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Great Spirit

    Great Spirit Banned

    We all know that the Illuminati love to put their stuff in plane site.

    Well, when you watched the South Park episode about 9/11 on 10/11, a part of the episode tells how Bush did the entire operation, which most conspiracy theorists (or as Bong/Psycho4Bud/Myth, and Breuk would call lunatics and as South Park said...retards) will confirm that is what really happened.

    Funny too though on 10/11, the plane hits apartments in New York City with his flight instructor with him. Odd. Than 10/11/6 (no 06) flipped is 9/11/01 (not 09).

    Did the Illuminati tell us what really happened on 9/11 on South Park in front of our face?? On fucking South Park of all shows!! ?? lol. I wouldn't be surprised. Remember...they do it in plane site because due to their ignorance, they think they are all powerful and all knowing. They have another thing coming if thats their ideology. They will be utterly destroyed.

    Eh, they didn't mention Buolding 7 though because more people would look into it, but I'm surprised most people have not been looking into the Pentagon crash, where a large plane made a 16 ft hole, with the wall collapsing 20 mins after impact.

    I'm sure Comedy Central is run by the Elite as is Fox and numerous other cable stations.

    Yup looks like the nukes are going to off before October's end. If I don't survive them, I'll see ya'll on the other side!
    Now here is Psych4Bud's response: You're banned for such filth and stupidity!

    Bong's response: "Did mommy put a door in your room yet or maybe give you a new tin hat?"
  2. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather

    "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce" Episode 1009

    Well as usual G.S. takes half the story and runs his own options. Here's the video.......enjoy! Actually you'll find at the end of the episode that people like Alex Jones are portrayed as Gov. employees trying to influence 1/4 of the U.S.; since 1/4 are estimated to be ignorant...........NOT ME SAYING IT!!!


    Enjoy the clip and as always....................

    Have a good one!:thumbsup:
  3. CultureCherryPopper

    CultureCherryPopper Registered+

    If you think Trey Parker and Matt Stone are "Elite" or "Illuminati", you've smoked somethin' unbeknownst to man.

    And I'll bet you bud for life that no nuke will detonated by our own leaders on domestic soil. Like I said before, Occam's Razor don't slice it. Conspiracy theorists just like to escape reality and hope for a world more exotic than what exists. Keep it real.
  4. sleepinwifsilentbob

    sleepinwifsilentbob Registered

    I mean this as nicely as possible, but G.S your post reminds me of my unmedicated Schizophrenic sister's online posts. You're making links where there are none. You should consult your physician.
  5. Great Spirit

    Great Spirit Banned

    Let me see....have you guys ever heard of the old phrase "truth is stranger than fiction"? hmm? Forgive me If I have a higher level of consciousness than most of you. Forgive me if I accept the evidence that shows 9/11 was an inside job!

    Hell, they put it right in front of us on our currency, why not on South Park!?
  6. Ozarks

    Ozarks Registered+

    You saw it on south park it must be true. When you talk to the little cartoon characters on the TV screen, do they talk back ?
  7. Jaycub

    Jaycub Registered+

    Eh, I agree with most of what Alex Jones says, however I AM open to the thought that those exposing conspiracies could actually be a part of them.
  8. Great Spirit

    Great Spirit Banned

    Lol at least i'm not a sheep! Feel free to live your fake controlled life.
  9. Ozarks

    Ozarks Registered+

    My life (unlike yours) is lived in reality, my mind doesn't lie to me in order to protect the delusional world it as created. The self- indulged fantasy of "enlightenment" or Superior consciousness levels is one of the
    textbook/ hallmarks of someone (like you) with a mental illness.

    There are trained professionals out there who can make the pain and the boogieman go away, but YOU have to take the 1st step.

    It's still not late GS, the yellow pages look under "mental health services":thumbsup:
  10. graymatter

    graymatter Registered+

    Perfect advice!
  11. sleepinwifsilentbob

    sleepinwifsilentbob Registered

    I know you all make fun, and say "look up mental illness" but it is a serious issue. many very intelligent people suffer. So when I say something like "please talk to your doctor" I say it because I wish it was how people would respond to those who i love in the same fashion. So seriously, see your doctor. Tell him or her about the "connections" u make that others don't.
  12. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+

    You make a valid and good point, Sleepinwifsilentbob, and one spoken with great compassion. Various people have at times been genuine in their pleas with GS to seek professional help, but your post made me realize how far off track I've veered from that message; I have instead focused on frustration and ridicule of his delusions. This troubles me particularly because I'm in my first year of training to be a physician.

    Thank you for the perspective-check. I needed that reminder to be compassionate myself. Welcome, by the way, to the boards.
  13. Great Spirit

    Great Spirit Banned

    Gee...Hitler would probably say the same thing with me...and then kill me. People who have always presented truths that do go against common thought it seen as a lunatic or mentally ill. Some people who are mentally ill are some of the most creative and spiritual people around. I admit mental illness runs in my family.

    But when you examine 9/11 and countless other things from history, its clear that we are presently controlled by an Elite who want us to live in slavery because they think that they are smater than everyone else and hence think they are Enlightened through peace by destruction. Partially true, but their almost must be conflict to grow...no pain no gain....but there are different expressions of conflict and does not have to be war. Take a look at people in your own life...who do you have a hard time getting along with? War is from greed and hatred of others.
  14. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    dude, GS, im not gonna tell you to seek help, but if you would look at the responses that your getting from people then you would realize that they dont give a shit, i for one do believe 9/11 was an inside job, but i dont go around trying to change anyones opinion on the subject because it is simply what I believe and you have to understand that not everyone cares about this, and to be honest, neither should you. ask yourself these questions: what can i do to expose the governments lies to the general public and actually make a difference and hopefully overthrow the evil power? once you come to the conclusion that there is nothing you can do, ask yourself this, if theres nothing i can do, then why should i care? the correct answer to this is: you shouldnt care, go ahead and eep reading up and connecting dots, but keep it to yourself, like i do
  15. Transition Force

    Transition Force Registered+

    Um... the creators of South Park are hardcore libertarians, I really doubt they'd be part of some "government conspiracy"
  16. Great Spirit

    Great Spirit Banned

    If you refuse to spread the information about 9/11, you are just as guilty as the ones who caused it.

    You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution!! Pick one!
  17. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut Registered+

    Wait, let me get this straight. The show that said the government conspiracy theory was a government conspiracy, is a government conspiracy? ROFLMAO! :D
  18. Ol Schwaggy Bastard

    Ol Schwaggy Bastard Registered+

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  19. Eraserhead71

    Eraserhead71 Registered+

    rather than simply AGREEING or DISAGREEING i would say this is plausible
  20. Nylo

    Nylo Registered+

    Dude, duh. that was the point of the date on the show. It was purposely subliminal. Honestly, wtf is your problem GS. WTF MAN, wtf XD

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