hide fake urine for supervised female drug test

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    I am a female who has to do a supervised probation drug test and I bought the quick fix synthetic urine. I am not worried about the temperature being a problem cause I know that I am capable of hiding it up there (if you know what I mean), but the problem that I am running into is this.....what do I hide it in up there, and how do I get it out with one hand, pretty much only a couple of fingers available into the cup without looking like I am fidgiting around to much or having it all come out in one big splash and not like taking a real pee. I tried putting it in a baggy, sandwich baggy which is very easy to tear with only finger, but if not careful will open to big hole at once and then it all comes gushing out.....tried it with a safety pin which worked very well, even stream and good sound, but CANT carry metal have to pass through metal detector first.....please can anyone shed some light on a way to conceal and manuever without being caught, or having big ass mess.....open to any and all suggestions, please only serious replys, don't need to be critisied. thank you "lookin4hlp" ohh, and thought about just using the bottle itself but one, to big to stuff up there, and two taping it puts the nozzle facing forward not down and that obviously won't work either,
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    How to open

    What about using a toothpick to open it? Wooden or plastic it won't get detected at the scan. Just a thought other than that I can't think of anything other than maybe a condom but dont tie it just twist it off then rubber band it. With the rubber band though tape one end of it to the side of the condom with gorilla tape that way it doesn't fall into the toilet when off. MUST BE GORILLA TAPE... I know that sounds odd but trust me it will hold the best much better than duct tape. Best of luck.
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    There is no safe way for you to drop when being watched I looked all over for a female version of the whizzinator I have one works great but my wife has a tough time shoving all kinds of containers up in her trying to look natural while taking a piss I vow to come up with the perfect way to help woman pass
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    I need help with t his also

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    OK how about a hollow soft plastic container 3 inches long 1.5 inches in diameter tapered at the back end about 3 inches long. Shaped like a penis. on the head you could have a small squeeze cap to dispense the pee. The sides of this contraption can be held onto a pair of crotch less panties with plastic clips that will hold it in place.
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    ok i just realized this is actually a bumped 2012 thread, BUT i have been scouring the net for info recently and will put in my 2 cents.

    i also have to pass an observed test for probation. i have preparing to use the following method:

    airplane bottle placed internally (smirnoff vodka...it seems the shape helps to keep it inside)
    foil over lid with rubber band and plumbing tape
    clean pee from a donor

    i have practiced a LOT and even had my bf "observe". it is rather easy. i am able to hold a cup with my hand and pierce the foil with a thumb nail (had to put on fake nails for this...how tacky). the tip of the bottle sticks out just BARELY but it is not noticeable from an observers perspective.

    the only thing i am worried about is being NERVOUS and noticeably shaking.

    sorry for contributing to the old thread. it was just so SPOT ON what i was looking for and i know someone else will come along looking for good info.
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    am i missing the edit button somehow? hmm. ANYWAYS in regards to my above post ^^^^ i do not have my results yet, but i was able to successfully sub my sample while under observation. to be clear she did not look closely at all. i also wore a baggy hoodie that obstructed her view just a bit. i was incredibly nervous when i found out i WOULD FOR SURE test today, but i went back to sleep for minute to reset and when i woke up i felt much calmer. i can't believe i was even able to sleep with all that anxiety! while preparing and driving there i just didn't let myself obsess about it. i just put one foot in front of the other til it was DONE! my biggest fear was being a shaky mess.

    so yeah, as long as my sample was good (little worried i left it in the fridge too long), i think that was VERY successful!!!!
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    3oz plastic travel bottles at walmart!!!!! theyre sleek and smooth. shove it up there with the cap face down, open the flip cap and give some good Keegles
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    I think the 3 oz would be too hard to get in and keep in. The 50 ml airplane bottle worked well because of the way it tapered. I could go more in depth but... I won't lol. No kegels required to keep the airplane bottle in place. I tried out a bottle similar to the one ur describing, and it took effort to keep it in since it didn't taper and was so smooth.
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    upload_2016-3-31_14-52-42.png this is the specific one i was refering to. Dont know if that helps or the one u were thinking of
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    Yeah that might work. Funny enough I was at Walmart today and saw the same container (I looked with this thread in mind). Hopefully I won't end up in the situation again. My anxiety is TOO much for this stuff :/
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    Just to give my two cents, this method has worked for me as well.

    -Travel shampoo bottle
    -Cleaned thoroughly then rinsed with rubbing alcohol and blow-dried, make sure there's no smell
    -Fill it with borrowed piss
    -Fridge until you're ready to go
    -Put it in the microwave for like EIGHT seconds, maybe. Careful here, practice first multiple times.
    -Double-layered tinfoil in place of the lid, rubber band to keep the foil on (or tape, just find what works for you, I used a tight rubber band)
    -Up it goes. Not actually that uncomfortable.
    -This can last a long time. When I did this, I had it in there for about six hours, and the temperature was fine on the test.
    -They watch you, you pierce the tinfoil with a finger and in the pee goes.

    The difficult part is if they tell you to take your sample MID-STREAM. This is the part that requires practice. You need to find a balance where some of the pee goes in the toilet, but not so much that you end up with too little pee for a sample.

    The solution for that? Bigger bottle. Hey, we can push a baby out of there... If you give yourself time to get used to it, you'll make it work, right? I mean, it's only a watched test if there's a lot on the line :)
  13. Cynthia Wing

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    I used a small aspirin bottle covered the top with foil cut a hole in the pop on lid and cover the foil with the lid. Wrap all of it with two layers of electrical tape and when you go pee stick your fingernail through the tinfoil! That was 18 yrs ago I can't believe no one has made one for females ,
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    Nobody must not have been watching this if u can take the top back off so why not just pour it in the cup? Do u think the foil would rip if u didn't put the top back on?
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    I'm dealing with the same issue today. my only problem is i have to go thru a metal detecter so foil is not a option. I've tried cling wrap in my test run, but once i punctured it, which was not easy nothing came out. puzzled, stressed, irriated!! Please help!!!!
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    • So thanks to a druggie prostitute drug addict i used to waitress with ive done learned trick. She was on probation but smoked constantly i said how the hell do you pass supervised screens.

    She said...

    Get a pill bottle put the clean urine in it. .. put foil on the top and get a rubberband secure it. Stick it in there before the test when its time to pee poke it and your done.

    Ive done this twice now once with a suboxone dr test another with Children in youth all to hide marijuana.

    I put a very tiny bit of my subutex like a 30th of pill or you can use reside from your pill bottle.

    I practiced alot used a tiny pill bottle and put it in drove to my sub dr poked it they tested it and i was good. If your test is immediate results then they dont test for metabolites just substance.

    To warm it i kept it in the quickfix 6.0 plus bottle in my bra i have big ones heats fast. Then when you put it in it stays warm.

    Well later on Children in youth gave me a test. Thought i was good bc i passed first one. Well the line was faded so it was supposed to be sent out bc my boyfriend failed for thc but caseworker never knows what shes doing. She shows up at my house next day. At this point i had took a hit as I was supposed to be done. Now if i got caught just meant id have to do counseling and random testing for levels to come down etc... nothing bad cant lose kids or anything just pain in butt. Plus dont want anyone to have anything bad on record.
    I freaked out but trued to hide it. I said i have to drink water i cant go yet. My boyfriend had asked me for something i went in my room "looking for it". This lady requires more "urine" than the doctors. I found medium small pill bottle foil from previous test practice and rubberband off of my Quick fix 6.0 Plus 3.0. Put it together quick shoved it in "OUCH!"

    Waited few more monutes for it tp sit on there so it could warm up then finally took the test.

    I touched the inside of the test cup and then held it in my hand a while to warm up the strip yeah quick thinking i know was impressed too and let it warm up as i "tried to pee". This one was getting set tp the Childrsn in youth labs. I was worried about it being synthetic and about my meds being in it no metabolites.

    She didnt really look at temp strip bc she watched me "pee". But i did and it was good from me holding it tight in my hand "the test cup".

    It came only hot for my sub but she put thc too for the lab test guy to test it tho there was a line meaning it was negative for it.

    "My plan was to say i had ran short and been trying to ween so i took less but had taken some right before she got here if they brought up the sub and no metabolotes being in there. I was gonna say i did touch the inside of the cup and had accidentally gotten it on my hand so it must be from that...lol idk only explantion o could think up. It was synthetic so wasnt worried bout thc."

    My results came back. I passed the lab test. Levels all were perfect and no thc. They dppidnt even look at the sub bc i had a script for it. So if your dealing with children youth service and if they know your meds which mine didnt tell we told them this could work for you. Im in Pennsylvania.

    I was so relieved. I am actually about to get another bottle do the same thing just in case. I doubt they will test but dont want to risk it.

    It is uncomfortable but worth it and i barely could get it in thereaybe a diff bottle woukd be more comfy but pill bottle works. Mine didnt leak.

    I think it would work with plastic wrap bc the opening is so big. maybe like wax paper or something too but id band it tape it bc it wont stay on tight like the foil and it being upside down it dont leak. But def try it first practic walking round the whole procedure dont want it to leak or fail.

    Good luck hope it helps.
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