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  1. Dibiticus

    Dibiticus Registered+

    anyone who lives in minnesota know where it is and can give me directions, its super hard to find and me and my budies have been trying to find out how to get there
  2. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    oh man, i've bought a bong from there, I wish I could get you directions, but I'm not good with them. I know its not too big, its in a strip mall set-up, its more long than wide shaped place. The front has a lit-up display of smoke, or something like that, that flickers back and forth. I really wish i could help you more, but i felt like responding because im a fellow minnesotan.

    edit: if you dont get any help and cannot still find it, i'll call up a buddy and i think he knows the directions...i'll let u know on this.
  3. Dibiticus

    Dibiticus Registered+

    that would be awesome, what part of minnesota do you live in
  4. Dibiticus

    Dibiticus Registered+

    hey I found it and I went with my buddy we both got new bowls, I got a bubbler and he got a sick sidecar, and after that I picked up a dub of some purps, so it was awesome, they had some killer pieces and they are pretty cheap too
  5. harris22

    harris22 Registered

    Do you think you could give me directions? I've also had a lot of trouble finding it. Thanks!
  6. kknight

    kknight Registered+

    Try a goggle search for the store name and you should find some help along with directions.
  7. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    its a pretty low-key place, had hard time trying to find the number on the internet and in phone books with no luck.

    Dibiticus, i live about 20-30 minutes from the city, be about a 20-25 min drive to the hide'away
  8. tote bag

    tote bag Registered

    Is that the one in Dinkytown?
  9. mpls_um_98

    mpls_um_98 Registered

    Hideaway is the headshop in Dinkytown, on the same block (across the street though) as the Loring Pasta Bar. Here's directions:

    loring pasta bar - Google Maps
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  10. Northstarchronic.

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    Hideaway is the best headshop ive ever been in. highly recomended. its on univesity ave. by the U of M in dinkytown.

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