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  1. StickyfingahZ

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    The other day I picked up an OUnce of this Weed and also 1.25 oz of shake.It was anAwesome Day! I stopped by my smoke shop and found these 420 jars,SO I grabbed one for 20 bucks and some other stuff,But Man.
    My Freind that I bought this from came over to my house to drink Kava.I was drinking Kava by myself for about an hour before he came,I even smoked a Bowl of the shake,just to see how good it was...I took one hit and it felt like I inhaled Acid Air.It hurt so bad,I couldnt get myself to finish the bowl,So I dumped it out.3 minutes later I was on Cloud nine.This is the first smoke in my week break.
    My freind shows up,with the same weed he sold me,We smoke one joint and I am higher than I have ever been.After he leaves I go inside and I start getting that drunk sickness feeling,I felt like I had to vomit and I was dizzy(really bad) and I could barely walk,I was stumbling into my house.
    I felt more drunk than high.
    Is this how certain strains are? Was the joint laced?I havent seen my freind since,but that was the first experience I ever had like that.

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  2. norkali

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    I'm thinkin' it was the Kava more so than the weed that made you have a bad trip.
  3. StickyfingahZ

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    That did cross my miond,But I have been drinking kava for well over 10 years and have never experienced that before....unless it was some old kava,but that would be a first for me.
    I kinda assumed it might be,just because of the barfing feeling,but the dizzy,not being able to walk right thing was kinda scarey.
    I was just wondering if anyone had smoked weed before that would make them feel drunk?
  4. brentxzi

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    Yes I get that kine feeling when I drink choke kava and burn 1. Seems like both drugs intensify each other.

    I usually just drink 1-2 cereal bowls of kava while I vape a little bit. Feeling of pure relaxed bliss, it seems almost too good to be true.
  5. SparkSomeChange

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    Ive gotten that same feeling in the past after drinking a lot, then switching to a blunt between 2-3 people. At first I felt really really stoned, and then the drunk feelings started to kick in, and everything swirled when I closed my eyes. Id definatly say your experience has something to do with the Kava you drank before hand.
  6. StickyfingahZ

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    hmmmmm....I guess the two combined worked me over,I just have never had that happen.
    Usually when I drink and burn I am just really at peace,Happy and stoned really good.This time it was just waaaaay too much for me I guess.
  7. dutchy420

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    Sometimes i get that feeling, though i have never thought to compare it to being drunk. i guess it makes sense though. i get an intense headrush thats almost comparable to motion sickness and i feel like i want to barf. this only happens after smoking a ridiculous amount of weed and seems to have a little to do with the strain.

    just a question, im a little interested in kava. in what form do you take it and how do you prepare yours?
  8. zzdank

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    Ur not really supposed to discuss other drugs but i guess kava is not a drug. You have to find ground up root in ur local health food store or online. Caps and tinctures are worthless. Then you take couple teaspoons of kave put them in a cheescloth and massage the bag in water until the kava in the chesecloth is no longer oily. Then drink it really fast because it tastes like shit.

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