High Humidity, High Temps & Bud Rot....

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    This pic shows what appears to be a healthy plant....
    BudRot (2).JPG

    However upon closer review, you can see some leaves that have somewhat discolored....that's where you know the Bud is starting to Rot....
    BudRot (3).JPG

    With some rubber gloves and needle nose scissors, you bend and find the bud rot and cut it out....
    BudRot (4).JPG

    2-3grams worth of plant material was removed....
    BudRot (5).JPG

    Then simply seperate the affected plant material from the still useful material....toss affected, dry the rest....
    BudRot (6).JPG

    I've been experiencing 90+ degree temps and 67% RH lately.... 90+degrees/29%RH with lights on and 74+degrees/67%RH with lights off.... I have absolutely no way of improving these two areas of my grow right now so I do what I can to get the desired results.... SOG is what I grow and have lots of mini football size colas come harvest time.... I've always had Bud Rot probs and always knew how to spot it, then what to do to stop it from further damaging my lil ladies....

    The lil lady that suffered this latest case was very lucky that the BR didn't make it through to the main stem.... If it had, I would have had to chop the top affected portion completely off, then seperate useable from trash.... In total off this plant I had to toss less than a joints worth....

    So my point with this thread is that even if you have high temps and high humidity, that doesn't mean you aren't going to have great results.... If you pay attention to them, you'll know when something is not right.... When it comes to BR, my Thumbsenses go off.... Usually BR starts to show up around Flwr Day 52 in my cab.... So to counter this, I usually harvest on Flwr Day 49....

    Hope this helps someone....

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  2. pushit

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    Wow that sucks about the budrot. Im glad you posted pics so the rest of us can see what to watch out for. Thanks man
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  3. CanGroIt

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    Found three more top colas last night that had BR.... One of them was bad....tossed about 5-6grams total.... In all I've lost probably 10-11grams so far....my dumbass fault too.... I knew that BR starts to show it's nasty face around flwr day 52 and even knowing this I decided to try to make it to flwr day 56....well I didn't succeed and will from now on harvest early to avoid this heartbreak.... On the plus side, the amount I've had to toss is minuscule compared to what I'm going to harvest....so, I'll take this latest catastrophe of BR as a learning experience....

    Oh and almost forgot to mention.... While I was bending the buds to remove affected areas, the plants gave off a very pungent odor....almost onion like.... As if the plant was letting me know it didn't like what I was doing to it....not sure.... But the odor was super concentrated....like whoa....

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    You could buy a c.a.p air1 temp and humidity controller it will help with your temp and high humidity issue. It will not make the problem disapear you will need to clean everything in your grow room. But it will help manage your problem better.
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    Removing dead leaves regularly can help you a little. Dead leaves touching good healty leaves or buds can help the bud roth to spread to the rest of the plant.
  6. GanjaRobPDX

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    high humidity and temps are the foundation to bud rot (botritis).
    get a humidistat and dehumidifier in addition to a thermostat and fans/air conditioning.
    try to keep humidity under 50% at all times during flowering. this is key.

    Also, flowering for 52 days is less than 7 1/2 weeks. unless its some amazing strain that finishes super early, try letting it go 8-9 weeks after you fix your temp/humidity issues.
  7. CanGroIt

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    You're preaching to the choir....

    I'm in a rental right now so cutting the necessary holes for the best setup possible is impossible.... I feel like an outdoor farmer taking the punches thrown by mother nature.... Shoot....anyone can grow with the right setup.... It takes time and skill to watch them and know what they need....then give it to them.... I wish I was able to control humidity and temp....I really do but right now I just can't so....

    As for having an amazing strain....it's not that.... I just happen to be an amazing grower :jointsmile:....with a fast flowering indica dominant hybrid.... 49days is not nearly to full maturity, I agree.... However due to my circumstances, I have no choice but to harvest a little early.... 49 days is still enough time for some high grade sticky icky ooey gooey ooowie.... You know, the kind that the lil bud pieces stay stuck to your fingers when you break it up.... So yeah....I won't be letting them go longer until I move....hopefully soon!!!

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  8. CanGroIt

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    Harevesting early doesn't reduce quality either....at least for me it doesn't....

    ....see pics....

    I'm all about a flavourful bud....resin covered, practically dripping, sticky finger, strong sweet smelling flavourful bud.... Talk about medicinal quality....mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Pics are before manicure....

    DSC04873.JPG DSC04874.jpg DSC04880.jpg DSC04884.jpg DSC04887.jpg
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  9. GaGrown

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    If thats before manicure... What are you gonna trim? They look sweet to me! I'd leave them B.. Looks dank as hell!

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  10. CanGroIt

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    I trim em down to just the bud....removing as much "leaf" material as possible without cutting into the flower.... I make hash and bud butter with the trimmings.... Oh....and....dank??? Yes they are!!!....:thumbsup:....

    When I'm done trimming....this is what I'm left with....(see pic)....nuttin but buuuuuud....

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  11. GaGrown

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    Beautiful! Nice nugs! As long as your gonna make something with them medical... Then It's fine to see ya cut so close! nuttin' like edibles! and smokeables! Great job CGI!

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  12. CanGroIt

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    Thank you :thumbsup:.... I've made cookies, lollipops, rice crispies, creamy icing, caramel, cupcakes and hash capsules.... I use BadKitty's recipe for the coco hash oil capsules.... The edibles are great for going out.... Just stuff one in my mouth when we get to where we're going and I'm usually good until its time to go.... The capsules are great for extended relief....and sleep....

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