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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by now3000, Aug 9, 2008.

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    The humidity of the non grow area is 50% which is an a/c environment.

    Will humidity in a gow room in the range of 65% - 75% with fans constantly blowing cause a mold problem? Will this be ore of a problemo at night or also during the day with ladies reaching for the HID's?

    A dehumidifier is an option but it takes a lot of juice.

    Has anyone had a successful grow with this high level of humidity?
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    That's good for veg time but if you can bring it down for flowering it's much better. Flowering is when mould can get your buds. I would and had a good size dehumidifier from slowes. Worked real good but you still need fresh air from time to time or c02. Oh and the fan constantly blowing helps, never hurts.
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    Yeah, i've been battling very high humidity all summer (67%-88%....75% average).

    I have 2 oscillating fans moving some serious air and my shitty exhaust system is on 24/7. I haven't had any mold problems yet and i've made it through 3 harvests this way.

    i'm going to be getting a dehumidifier and upgrading my ventilation after this next harvest (probably next week). My yields are decent...but i can't help but think they'd be a bit beefier and more crystals if they could breath a little easier.

    so it can be done...just keep air moving like mad...make sure the plants aren't touching any walls and have plenty of space to move the air around them...and keep a check for mold. oh. and keep your room CLEAN.

    As far as a difference between night and day humidity...i find that when the lights are off the humidity tends to rise. Stinky thought maybe i was getting a bit of dew fall...so maybe that's the explanation...

    although the best option would be to improve the RH%. Believe me...i know how much it sucks to have to buy expensive and power hungry equipment to fix a simple problem.

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    During flower, you will want to be below 55%RH or so. Run a beefy exhaust at night, too, to prevent dewfall and also stabilize the night/day temperature swing.
    Is ambient outdoor humidity high, or are you getting high %RH numbers for reasons within your space, which you might be able to improve?

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