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    The more time I spend on the site the more I think about growing indoors at some point in time. Does anyone have expirience with the below mentioned bulbs. They run about $70 with shipping. If I ran 4 of these bulbs I should be able to cover a decent area correct?

    Product Description
    High output U-tube compact fluorescent, 200 watt, 5000K, 85 CRI. Mogul screw in base, 120 volt. Optional Miro 4 reflector available. Excellent for photography, plant grow, shop, light therapy, etc. Length (end of socket to top of bulb) - 13.5 inch, Diameter - 5.0 inch. Lumen output - 9500. Replaces 400 watt bulbs. Other HO U-Tube also avaialble, 85 watt, 100 watt and 150 watt.


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    A 400 watt MH or HPS puts out like 40,000-53,000 lumens. The bulb you have there puts out 9500. I know it's a combo of things that make lights grow plants well, but the one thing that works is 50 watts per square foot. Of any light ( besides green of course). The proper spectrum is important to maximize the amount and quality of the flower, but a bright light will grow a plant. Can you give some measurements of the area you would like to grow in, and then it will be easier to compute accurate lighting numbers.
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    Good bulbs but they need to be 6000k-6500k for good vegging, and 2300k-2700k for optimal flowering.

    You also said they are 9800 or so lumens.. :wtf:
    That's only roughly 40,000lumens at 800watts of 5000k.
    This site I linked has quite a few T5 up to T12 fluorescent light kits.
    All kinds of flowering and vegging bulbs, nutes, supplements, ph monitors, mylar, ventilation, fans, reflectors, ect. :hippy:

    Grow Lights, Grow Bulbs and Hydroponics - Plantlighting Hydroponics & Grow Lights

    I really enjoy browsing this site comparing small HPS to large flouro tubes.

    Efficiency baby. ;) That means try to get the most amount of lumen per watt at the correct color temperature. AND also figure in the amount you want to spend, and add to your electric bill. Not sure what your kw/hour is where you live. but, I'm just trying to look out for ya.

    Be Safe.:jointsmile:
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    I plan on growing in an old washing machine and dryer. I am still working on emptying them out to create the grow space. I will be posting more when I can take some decent measurements.

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