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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by flores93, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. flores93

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    i was wondering if it would be ok to use a 70 Watt High Pressure Sodium Bronze Dusk To Dawn Floodlight from homedepot to grow. i really cant afford to buy the expensive 250 watt lights, and i dnt kno any where else to get a high pressure sodium light. can sumbody give me advice?
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  2. denialisback

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    hey dude general respects, I'm in poverty too and I use marijuana for my adhd.. I have been in the same situation as you.. and I didn't want to hear it (but somehow knew/expected it).. if you are going to do this try and do it properly.. buy the right horticultural equipment, and if you don't, try and buy something that has a good PAR (active photosynthetic spectra (usable light for plants lol)).

    In summary I recommend you try and make the $100 for a basic grolux 250W system.. you need a balast to fire up HPS anyways, so you are looking about half that for the 70W no? :) Also you could probably manage the 250W of heat without anything too crazy.

    I mean I've got a 400W Hps grolux so I recommend that... its one of the best bulbs (spectrally) and you can use it right from veg to flowering. Same goes for their 250W ones I guess :) Checkout my grow log in my signature dude, I got a pretty ghetto setup myself so maybe it'll inspire you.

    Yes that is cat5e network cabling you see being used to suspend the light. :)

    Yes, it is safe, that stuff can take loads of about 100lb. crazy.

    Goodluck with your grow man. find the money! hehehe

  3. KillerBudG

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    Well you can do this the back door cheap way. And invest alot of time and your little money you got and turn out about nothing. Or like what my fellow toker said above me, Get out and make/scrape a little more money together aninvest your time and alil more money and get great results. And please i been round theses boards for a year to 1 1/2 an just made a name, People do not like them multi threads about the same things. I say 250 Hps would be smallest hps wourth purchasing :Rasta:
  4. flores93

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    ok well how would i go about getting a 250 hps? where can i get them without having to order one online?? and without a damm credit card lol
  5. denialisback

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    get cash, and a friend with a car, job done :)

    oh, and find a store online that has a walk in store near you, theres loads if you cant find that shit keep loooking its there!!!


    peace :) and good luck!

  6. bigtopsfinn

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