Highest THC bud?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Locedd, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Locedd

    Locedd Registered+

    Any websites or links or just common knowledge of the most potent buds available at this time? Looking to get some decent seeds, THanks.

    And another thing, Are Lowryders Easyryder fast as lowryder #1 and 2? if not , which is faster from seed to bud? if none are these are the fastest yielders then what is?

    Thanks I really appreciate any info I can get on this. A link or a point in the direction or if you know input is greatly appreciated :D Thanks!:Rasta:
  2. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    search for the attitude seedbank.

    They have a huge selection and list the thc % per strain most of the time. Also harvest times. You can always find strains on there and google them for more specific info.
  3. Locedd

    Locedd Registered+

    Yes, I did look on attitude seeds webpage before I posted and those specific strains did not have thc percent shown. I did google some other sites and the same thing they didnt show. ANyone else know by experience?

    TANKJR Registered+

    There is more to potency than genetics. Most really good strains will approach 22-25% if grown under ideal conditions at all times...and that's the trick! No Strain will reach full potential potency if grown under less than ideal conditions. Keeping ideal conditions at ALL times...so much easier to write it than do it...LOL! I don't think there is any one strain that "does it all". Big, fast growing, fast flowering, high yielding and super potent that grows under a 27w CFL is kinda what we're all looking for bro. Let me know when you find it...Thx!
  5. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Know from experience? Lol...

    Ive researched strains using attitude and google for a long damn time. Thats called confirming what I told you "from experience". If attitude doesnt have it listed then google will provide a good idea. If that somehow doesnt work for you... try looking up cannabis cup winners or award winning strains.
  6. khyberkitsune

    khyberkitsune Registered+

    Last claimed highest THC content was Elephant Bud at 36%. 10 pack of seeds ran you a grand.
  7. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Thats ridiculous and I dont believe it lol. Ive read a few articles about the way they come up with %s anyways and most say its an unreliable number in reality.

    Not saying I dont believe you, but the claim from the breeders of that strain.
  8. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Ya but those folks selling that stuff are rip offs. They say anything they want and just send bag seed.
  9. oldmac

    oldmac Registered+

    Total BS from BC Seeds.

    They also claim 750-800 grams per/?... sq meter? :wtf:

    If anybody really fell for thier hype and bought them seeds, I haven't seen anybody on any board admit to it. ;)

  10. ZZTops

    ZZTops Registered+

    BS Seeds can keep there Elephant Turd @ $100 a bean, what a joke...

    IMHO... If you want a known Stand-Up Strain that has a track record of 16 years, over 10 awards and is still considered on of the strongest available on the market today then it's AK-47 by Serious Seeds...

    YouTube - Serious Seeds AK47

    But... Like the Boys are telling you, just because you have the tools dose not mean you can build the house...
  11. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Well I will admit to it as folks need to know they are full of it. I got took. I am gullible. Always seeking the ultimate in my garden.

    I do like white widow, sensi star, strawberry cough a lot. I have a haze that is good too, but was a freebie believe it or not, and it is kick ass.
  12. ZZTops

    ZZTops Registered+

    What did you end up with Wash...?
  13. khyberkitsune

    khyberkitsune Registered+

    I've seen only ONE person growing the stuff, and it seems like it *MIGHT* yield what it claims to yield, but I have serious doubts on the potency.

    Hence why i said 'claimed.' potency. :D
  14. TANKJR

    TANKJR Registered+

    Well no, GToD not from scientific evidence either! LOL I can tell by consulting with my finely calibrated head how good stuff is :D, and I have a few decades of daily experience at that, but having never actually tested any with my head and then having the same thing laboratory tested, I can only get to within about 1%+/- of actual with the head test.....lol......... ;)

    And I don't think I would EVER pay a grand for any seed...not as long as I got friends!
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  15. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    The doggies nuts has some really expensive seeds with some supposed very high THC. Ive seen grows on here of their genetics and they look amazing.

    I wouldnt buy seeds that are that expensive though.
  16. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Males, hermies, terribly tall skinny plants, garbage high, if that. Low trichome development, nasty taste. It was all bad. It was one of the Jedi strains. Real rip.
  17. camoxnhx

    camoxnhx Registered+

    whats up TANKJR! well you might need a few more 27W CFL to grow a plant. like 5-6 will do the trick just right. Walmart has 42W ones for $10 bucks! cant beat it. Now this is my 4th time growing Aurora Indica and shes a very potent on. nice compact plant, beautiful foliage. i got mine from Nirvana. hope that helps.
  18. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    I like Nirvana Seeds

    A lot of bang for the buck.

    I started out as a noob grower in 2005. Using Nirvana seeds: I have grown white widow, white rhino, papaya, haze19xshunk, & NorthernLights x Shiva.
    I'm still working my way though their selection...(AK48, is next)

    I would never buy fem seeds!

    I have NEVER heard anyone, that didn't like Nirvana White Widow. I always grow it along side any new strain; for comparsion...:thumbsup:
  19. TANKJR

    TANKJR Registered+

    LOL! What's up Camo-man? That was just a wish bro...Isn't that what we all want? BIGGER BETTER EASIER MORE MORE MORE FOR LESS LESS LESS??? LOL! You mean to tell me I can't grow bigger and better with just a 27w CFL???? DAM! I was just getting ready to retire the ol 400hps... ;)
  20. hammerbutt

    hammerbutt Registered+

    Looks like the BCseeds guy has finally moved on. I remember his Stormtrooper or Jedi strains were about $200 per seed and claimed 49% thc and 1800gr/m2 yield. I bought my first seeds from him and his customer service was excellent fast delivery great communication got 14 seeds on my order of ten. No doubt it was bagseed but it was only $50 for 10 and it grew and smoked ok. I can imagine if I had money to burn and hadn't read all the negative stuff about it I might have gone for some high end ripoff seeds
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