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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by dialtone420, May 24, 2005.

  1. dialtone420

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    I need a list from some genius on the thc levels on strains.
    Highest thc content for
    1.Sativa Indoor
    2.Indica Indoor
    3.Hybrid Indoor
    This will determine my pick. So far s.a.g.e. is winning with 21%.
  2. Gumby

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    are you looking just for thc content or the type of high you're gonna get... you're asking a question inwhich i don't think you'll want an answer too. the best pot isn't always the one with the most thc...
  3. marimbas

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    HARDDON Registered+

    You guys must be referring to the degraded THC.

    In my opinion, the higher the THC the better the potential.

    My vaporizor for example...

    Only vaporizes THC....nothing else.

    A much different high...I prefer a bong intstead.

    But, the more THC, the more degraded by products.

    Some of the cannabinoids, cannabielsoin, cannabinol, and cannabicyclol are responsible for the narcotic like affects when smoking. These are actually produced by degraded THC.

    So, the higher the THC, the most degraded compounds there are as well, and thus, the better the high.

    Go for the high THC and all else will happen as nature intended.

  5. llamaman666

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    if you must know I shall tell. but don't go looking for them, as they are rare clones.

    1. Sour diesel and Trainwreck are both up there above 20 percent
    2. G-13, 28 percent. the orriginal DOG may be higher. but don't even think about it. there are 3 owners world wide.
    3. well this is anything else. white widow is 22, and headband diesel is something like that too
  6. Lady D

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    As I understand it, White Russian came in at 23% (indoor hybrid - 50%-50% or thereabouts). If you've ever smoked the stuff, you'd believe it, as you're on the floor after one hit. Also, the high is IMMEDIATE. Very smooth, and a very up high...puts an instant smile on your face. :) P.S. the seeds are on the expensive side (you probably know this - $95 pk. from SeedsDirect), but well worth it. Huge buds, & clone very easily.
  7. dialtone420

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    the first two post are useless. Thanks for nothing. The next two are helpful thank you for helping me. I did not ask for an opinion. Maybe you should post only when you have a helpful answer. So G13huh. I saw that stuff its sick looking.
  8. ProjectEight

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    man I would like one of those. Can u put it on a scale for me on how much higher you get vs a joint, bowl or bong.

    1 being no high and 10 being in lala land.

    say a joint high is a 5 where does a vap rate?

    what kind do you have?

    HARDDON Registered+

    i got mine here...


    if a joint high is a 5, a voprizor high with weed is a 3.5

    But a vaporizor high with oil or hash is an 8.

    The high is far less...narcotic....much more cerebral.


    The amazing part of it though is how much longer you can stretch your stash.

    Of a normal ONE HIT in say a bong...you can get 10 hits with a vaporizor.

    And much higher.

    It takes a while though and the air is very warm.

    But its great to gove your lungs a break.

    every serious stoner should own one.

    Some highs I would rate at 8....

    Just depends on the trichs on the bud.
  10. dialtone420

    dialtone420 Registered+

    Back on subject!

    I want to know the Best Indica,Sativa, Hybrid. Thc Content is important. I dont want everybody getting pissed off. Thinking that i dont know the difference between high thc stuff that sux to Low thc stuff thats tastes great and is my favorite type of high. I just want a listing of the best Indica, Sativa, Hybrid in your experience.
  11. fhydro

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    Go to http://www.dutch-passion.nl/, they give the THC and CBD level of their strains. The max seem to be under 20%. A indica dominant seem to have more THC then a sativa. I would like also to have this information...
  12. Zero Revolt

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    You want a powerful plant then I would tell you to find some "Yumbolt". That's the fucking you up shit. Comes in at around 24% THC
  13. Botanyx

    Botanyx Registered+

    For a real kick in the ass try Endless Sky Its said to be in the 24% tHC range and I have no doubt. I've tried many others but keep coming back to it
  14. OR Freebird

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    I've looked at a lot of seed banks and White Russian and White Rhino seem to be among the highest THC strains. My opinion.
  15. BluntArtist

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    There's some crazy looking strains on seedbay; Look up "Destroyer" or "Mindfuck"

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