Hit with 2 random drug tests! FML

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Dr.Spicoli, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Dr.Spicoli

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    I get "random" drug tested at work and I've been tested around 7 times since I've been there.
    I swear they have a bug on me because every time I choose to smoke after being clean for several months I get a "random."
    This time is no exception!

    So here's my situation, I haven't smoked in close to a year give or take nor have I been "randomly" tested.
    Well I recently got "randomly" tested and thought cool I have a window to smoke and now's the time if I want too (and I do) so I did.
    I maybe smoked in total over a weeks time, a combined full joint and took a few hits from a bowl.
    Well Tuesday comes and guess what, another "random" drug test. The last I smoked was Sunday, so about 48 hours before the test.
    I tried subbing and using synthetic but the tester said it was too warm at 102 degrees, FUCK!
    So I had to give a sample while somebody watched me go.
    I had one day to prepare and the day before I drank a detox drink from the local head shop, took b12 vitamins pissed my ass off and didn't eat anything for 2 days.
    The day of the test I pissed around 3-4 times before the test and prior to taking the supervised test drank about a gallon of water.

    This was 8 days ago and I haven't heard anything back.
    Should I assume I'm in the clear or is there a good chance I could've failed still due to re-testing and what not?
    Management said they get results in 24-48 hours but I'm not sure if that applies to all results pass or fail?
    Any input would be appreciated, I'm losing my fucking mind!!!
  2. painretreat

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    Well DS I ain't the expert in this area and surely they will drop in! I do know one thing though, there is nothing you can do at this point, except wait and do not toke, just in case they want a repeat! Sorry to hear so many tests for you! Hope you don't lose your job. That would surely suck! I'd be token just to get my mind off of it. But, you can't right now. Good luck and surely the experts here will check in! pr
  3. Dr.Spicoli

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    Well, It's been over 2 weeks since I took my second random and I haven't heard anything back so I'm assuming I must have passed!
    I'm tempted to burn one but I don't think that would be wise, since big brother is watching...
  4. ogganjagrower

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    whats your body composition? Obviously people that are skinny and dont have an ounce of fat on them pass easier. I know of a old buddy that was almost in your same predicament, same timing and everything and passed. He was a super metabloife type guy. dude could eat pizza everyday and not gaIN a pound

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