Holy Anointing Oil and Holy shit!

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    Hi ya’ll! We have been playing with the formula for Holy Anointing Oil, as presented in the Christian Bible’s Exodus 30:22-25. We have come up with a couple of formulas and passed them through the volunteer patient test panels, which work well and which I personally use some version of for my own daily meds.

    Originally the formula would call for a perfumer boiling olive oil, water, cinnamon bark oil, cinnamon leaf, liquid Myrrh gum, and about 15 ounces of cannabis per quart, until the water was gone, straining the oil, and voile!

    Any of ya’ll testing this stuff have to have realized how magical and holy it must have seemed to the folks of the time, when rubbed on pains topically and the pains just ceased to be. Not to forget that the priesthood of the time, were also the scientist and physicians.

    We used virgin coconut oil for it’s constituets that pass the blood brain barrier and leave little residue as a topical, instead of the original olive oil, and used essential oil extracts from New Directions Aromatics instead of working with raw bark and leaf.

    Alas cinnamon oil has a TLV of 1% topically, so the so far optimum oral dose is not suitable for topical application. I therefore make a couple of different formulations, one for topical and one for oral.

    These have all been panel tested, which means that a group of volunteer MMJ patients ranging from flyweight to high tolerance have tested them and reported the results.

    On average, our high tolerance patients are about 3X low tolerance patients, though a 100% over dose with a high tolerance patient produced minimal effect, even the lowest dose sometimes left low tolerance patients incapacitated for all practical purposes, so they should be titrated for your individual needs.

    These formulas were uniformly embraced by the panel and developed a local following. They are as follows:

    The local skunk pharmer’s HAOO (Holy Annointing Oil Oral).

    10 grams decarboxylated BHO.
    3 grams unrefined virgin coconut oil
    .7 grams cinnamon bark oil
    .7 grams cinnamon leaf oil
    .5 grams liquid gum myrrh

    The HAOT (Holy Anointing Oil Topical) formula is:

    10 grams decarboxylated BHO.
    8 grams unrefined virgin coconut oil
    .7 grams cinnamon bark oil
    .7 grams cinnamon leaf oil
    .7 grams liquid gum myrrh

    I also have a version that I have named Holy Shit, after modifying my oral med formula that our local group called the Good Shit, to include the HAO ingredients. It is the same as the oral HAO formula, but I also add 1 gram of concentrated cinnamon candy flavoring oil from Lor Anne Oils to improve flavor.

    Bon appetite!

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    Hey, GW!
    I just made my first tincture by doing an ethanol quick wash of 20 grams of plant in ethanol and evaporating all the alcohol away. I then combined that oil with an ounce of ethanol that had been distilled with 2 grams of kief, and then boiled away 50% of this liquid. The results were powerful, even when diluted with another liquid by 50 %. However I have been taking 4 -8 drops a few times a day as needed, and am already running low on tincture. As satisfied as I was with this, it was a bit too much of a burn to really do sublingually, and while it was very strong, I would like something even stronger.

    Been reading up on your posts all week, GW, and I am very interested in making some HAO. I saw you said somewhere that, if need be, you could substitute an alcohol extracted oil for the BHO. I have three quick questions, if you don't mind.

    One, if one were to substitute the BHO with an ethanol quick wash, how exactly would you go about conducting the quick wash? After the alcohol had all evaporated would you just simply combine this with the other ingredients? would you need to heat the combined ingredients at all?

    Two, how much ethanol extracted oil would you substitute for the BHO, would you just substitute 10 grams BHO for 10 grams quick washed ethanol oil or would you use a slightly different ratio?

    Third, if using the BHO, you speak of getting the material decarboxylated by doing a 240 degree oil bath. How exactly do you do this?

    Thanks so much!

    Your work is most certainly an inspiration to me!
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    Also, if I were to simply heat the everclear extracted liquid over boiling water in a glass pyrex casserole dish, until it bubbles out nicely and is no longer liquid, would this end product be decarboxylated?

    Thanks again!
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    Well, I went ahead and made a small batch of HAO with almond oil, cinnamon extract, and ethanol extracted cannaoil. This was minus the other ingredients as I could not find them locally at 1 am. ;) The finished product did not seem able to pass through the dropper, so I added some more almond oil to make up for the lack of other ingredients, still too thick...hmmm.... should have stuck to the recipe...It's like the time I made Mac n Cheese without butter... I then added enough everclear to make it able to flow through the dropper., There is a slight bite to it, albeit not nearly as bad as the tincture I made. Potency is great. The first tincture to ever actually work sublingualy for me. A million thanks for putting this information out there gray wolf. A little fine tuning on my part, and the inclusion of all ingredients, and I am sure to have a reliable tincure recipe for the rest of my life! Everyone should try this HAO! Amen.
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    Sorry to take so long to notice this. I have just been monitoring new posts and missed this one.

    1. I freeze the material and chill the alcohol in the freezer first. I use about ~3 minute washes and only shake periodically, keeping it in the freezer between shakes. Two washes usually does the trick.

    2. I use the same ration of QWISO as BHO. They have slightly different properties, but close enough.

    3. I put the cannabis oil container in a 240/250F oil bath and cook until bubble free. Most of the small bubbles toward the last are carbon dioxide from the decarboxlation process.

    If it has had no other thermal processing, it takes about one hour at 248F for 70% decarboxylation. 70% is probably a good stopping point, unless you are looking for low head effect and high sedation and pain relief, because you are also converting THC to CBN at the same time.

    It is about time at temperature, so if you have already cooked off the alcohol at 173F, it takes less time at 248F.

    Thanks for the good thoughts!

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    nice work GW
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    I got 60 ounces of a guy's HAO in '15 and THAT and my God's Love is why today I'm weeks away from my 60th month mark since the draconian scrapping of my skull of 474 grams 37.3% of the toto brain and tumor mass. I've been out of my preferred medicine for awhile and with my ardent I plan to recreate this oil for my continued recovery.

    Sincere thanks and appreciation for this recipe!!


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