homade brass pipes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by vermillion, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. vermillion

    vermillion Registered+

    just found some brass piping laying arround, made 2 pipes outta them :D

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  2. kman

    kman Registered+

    awesome:) wish i cud do that
  3. kr0nicmike

    kr0nicmike Registered

    Those r pretty kool...heres me brass one

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  4. vermillion

    vermillion Registered+

    kman, it was all really simple. i just found some old piping laying arround in a box, and just start with a piece for the bowl, and then just browse arround and use ur imagination :D to get piping, just go to home depo, to the plumbing station and then just put different pieces together.
  5. molerat

    molerat Registered+

    wouldnt brass piping be bad? I'm so high that Words look backwards
  6. Hempamasta

    Hempamasta Registered+

    That's cool, does it get that hot when you smoke out of it?
  7. Goodman3eb

    Goodman3eb Registered+

    Do you use a screen? Glass or metal?
  8. partyguy420

    partyguy420 Registered+

    yea... i do that all the time... but most of my home made pipes and bongs havent realy been tested ive got one that i found at this saw mills old storege shead it was on a pies of equpiment and i just took it and it all came out and looked like a pipe so we tested it.
  9. Melton420

    Melton420 Registered+

    isnt that copper
  10. vermillion

    vermillion Registered+

    yea ur right, my bad, its made outta copper piping, havent tested it yet, with the bigger one, im getting a metal screen to put in it, smaller one should be ok with out one
  11. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    copper is really bad to smoke out of
  12. Drago

    Drago Registered+

    ya cause it has a low melting point so vapours are realeased when you put your flame near it.
  13. kr0nicmike

    kr0nicmike Registered

    ya man mines made outta brass, copper will make u go insane and force u 2 shove things up ur ass!...or maybe im just really stoned
  14. Leonard12

    Leonard12 Registered+

    dont use copper
  15. vermillion

    vermillion Registered+

    yea, man, its really badass, it hits nice if u just go slow, and has the bigest bowl ever, will hold like 1 and a quarter grams. isnt copper the one where u burn it it has green flames? well do u think i would be ok if i just covered it with foil? the bowl isnt copper, just the tubing.
  16. KronicKing

    KronicKing Registered+

    never smoke out of copper of any sort,when burned copper releases poisonous vapors,a black film(for lack of a better word) covers area that the flame is applied to,this is acctualy vaporized copper,that means when useing copper your inhaleing copper,nasty,and gives a bad taste....and will kill you...if you like makeing homemade pipes,bongs,whatever(i do,but most of mine are never used)i'd get a hot glue gun,and some sockets and let your mind take over from there.i make a 29 1/2 inch bong from a gatoraid bottle,a lot of hot glue,two paper towel rolls,part of an arrow(most are 10mm in diamiter,so they make the perfect stem from almost any bong),and a socket.it hits great and always gets comments when freinds come over,because of the way it looks i named it hermun munchster(it acctualy looks pretty good but the name came to me when i was mid-hit and i had to use it ;) )but i just got two glass pipes that i love with all my heart so i havent used him in a while...i think when i get some i'm gonna hit ol' hermun

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