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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by loveblunts, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    i bought some home drug test strips.
    so far ive tested twice.
    first time the line next to "C" was very bright red and no line was present next to "T".
    second time the line next to "C" was a little pinkish and a faded line next to "T" showed up.

    question is, does that mean the amount of THC metabolites are going down in my urine? or it doesnt mean anything?

    btw, a line next to "C" = positive THC result
    and a line next to both "C" and "T" means negative.
  2. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    The first void of the day contains the most THCA, every void after will be diluted because of daily fluid intake. You consumed enough fluids to drop your THCA levels below the testing cuttoff. This is why your second test showed a pass, while the first showed fail.
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  3. hhtblogger

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    hi loveblunts...I think you have your C/T mixed up. "C" means Control and if a line shows up there that means the test is functioning correctly. T is the section where THC positivity is determined.

    If your C/T sections are both showing up with lines (even faint ones) you should be good. It sounds like you should be able to pass a urine drug test now. I would test myself once or twice more just to be sure though.
  4. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    on the package it says if a line next to C shows up Positive,
    line next to C and T, Negative.

    so if only C shows up no THC in urine? and i pass test? or i fail it?

    EDIT: i think i failed the test. because only one color line showed up, and the other line was very very faint... so i dont think that would count as pass... but does the color of the second line matter to concentration or amount of metabolites?
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  5. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    If it only shows the control line(top line), then your testing positive for THC. If it shows both lines(bottom is test line), whether its faint or not then its negative. No lines at all means its invalid.

    Remember... If you can photocopy the test line then it is a negative result for thc. Meaning... You passed.
  6. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    lol idk, the line was very very faint.

    so i was like fck this.. ill just sub it.. so i went and was about to roll a blunt when i found that there was already one rolled from last time.. it was like christmas lol.
  7. SyncMaster915N

    SyncMaster915N Registered

    Since THC metabolite concentration can vary from piss to piss during the day and across days, the best way to be sure you will pass with your own pee is to test your self multiple times until you obtain consistent negative results (e.g. test line appears on several repeated samples). I was in your same boat earlier this week and concluded it was too risky to use my own pee, so I subbed. :Rasta: GOOD LUCK
  8. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    did u use synthetic urine or a friends?
  9. hhtblogger

    hhtblogger Registered

    loveblunts - the color of the second line (T) is not important, even if it's faint that means you're negative. but as others are saying here, it's good to test a few times and get negative results consistently if you're afraid you might still have THC in your system.

    sounds like you figured out your own solution to this issue though... :)
  10. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    oh man hahahah, so i just smoked another blunt, now gotta go through another week full of exercise lol.
  11. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    well i got the little bottle that i had ordered in the mail today... so i wanted to see wat temp salt water would reach by just having it next to my family jewels between 2 tighty whiteys... in about 20min temp went up and stayed at 90F without a hand warmer.

    but... the freakin bottle leaks!!! its water now... but on the day its going to be friends urine... i dont want to walk in the room smellin like pee LOL

    so now i gotta find an o-ring or something to seal the cap better, and extra handwarmers. went to walmart, they were out and i dont think they are going to be stocking anytime soon, any ideas where i can get handwarmers? i dont want to order online and have to wait for shipping again.

    oh, and how much urine do they want in the cup? anyone know the oz? want to see if the bottle i got holds enough urine.
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  12. ChronicCloset

    ChronicCloset Registered

    This is just an idea, but in the event you can't locate handwarmers, you should buy one of those cheap lunchboxes that are soft and have the microwavable warmer you could pilfer out of it. I have a lunchbox I use for work that has a thing you can freeze or heat and it stays warm for a few hours. So in a worst case scenario this might work and you might be able to find it year round, or check in the first aid isle because they carry heating products for pain relief and I know you can get them in the summer (I got them for my elbow during track season when i was in college, and thats in the spring/summer). And i believe the DOT requierd amount is 2oz.
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  13. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    DOT requires 45 ml of urine sample. The sample is then split 30/15.
    2 oz (60 ml) will be plenty.
  14. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    just measured my bottle it can hold 2.25oz so that should be plenty.

    also found some hand-warmers at Walgreen.

    does benedryl or claratin d show up in urine tests?
    friends allergic and im going to use his urine.
  15. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Cannabis talk only..Its against the messageboard rules to talk about other types of drugs here.
  16. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    oops didnt kno that.
  17. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    hey guys, need ur help tellin me if i passed or not.

    i drank vinigar with water 1:1 ratio
    i took a piss test on my first piss.. and second piss, both looked almost clear, with very light hint of yellow.

    here are pics of my first test.. phone fails at takin pics.


    second test the line was a little redder.. but it wouldnt come up in the pic.

    so did i pass or not?
    thanks for all the help
  18. webdox

    webdox Registered+

    Why would you drink vinegar?
  19. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    Because he hopes to piss excellence. :S2:
  20. loveblunts

    loveblunts Registered+

    well, it cleans out ur bladder... so it made me pee alot, thus dilluting the urine.
    its home made apple vinegar.. so tastes pretty good, mixed it with water and it went down good.

    so... check the pic out and tell me if i passed or not

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