Home made automatic Light Deprivation Setup. Inspiration Needed

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by stormin94, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. stormin94

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    I was wondering if anyone on here has built their own light deprivation device.....be it a greenhouse, simple tarp, or something a little more complex?

    I want to get a harvest outdoors by June, or early July. I've known about light dep for awhile, but never used it outdoors. One problem I would have with a light dep setup is getting up early enough to cover the plants, and remembering to take the cover off in the afternoon/ remembering to place the cover over them in the late afternoon at a consistant time.

    I would need to have an automated system that either took the cover off, or put it on....or possibly both.

    I've seen the $10,000 automated light dep greenhouses. Those are awesome, but my budget doesn't allow for that at this time. The most I could spend is a couple hundred bucks(I have many building materials already).

    If anyone has built one of these, please chime in. Also, anyone have any ideas? I have the concept in my head, but no inspiration for a design. My ideas range from a campershell or car trunk to something involving a garage door opener and a timer.

    ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!!!:thumbsup:
  2. Dogznova

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    Get yourself an auto flowering strain.. They flower under any light schedule. 12/12 or 16/8 or even 24hrs of light.. Problem solved...
  3. waterdog

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    I do one every year...I have a 12x16 greenhouse(hoop) that I make a cover out of 6 mil black plastic.I cover at 6 at night and remove after dark to keep the humidity down.It's NOT auto but it does one heck of a job!I usually harvest between 2 and 10 pounds out of my set-up.
    Dogznova.....Most peeps want a little more bud than the autoflowering strains seem to produce. Waterdog
  4. Dogznova

    Dogznova Registered+

    Yes auto flowering yields are nothing to shake a stick at...Good point..
  5. stormin94

    stormin94 Registered+

    Thanks for the info. I've dealt with autoflowering strains before, that's why I want to try light dep. :thumbsup: They were small.

    I figure, I should be able to start some outside in the next few weeks, and just take advantage of free natural sunlight(rather than expensive artificial). The spring equinox is fast approaching, and the 12 hours of daylight should be enough to at least sustain plant growth untill about late May- mid June when I'll start throwing the cover over the top. I'm in Northern California, so we get good sunshine for most of the spring. Please feel free to correct me if my concept is mistaken, as I'm still open to suggestions since this will be new to me.

    Dogznova, would it be possible with your setup to have an automated closure of the black sheeting?

    In the event that I have to work later than usual, or something happens, I wouldn't want to disrupt my flowering schedule by forgetting/not being able to cover them at a set time every day. I know from indoors that even a small amount of light during their "night" can screw up flowering.

    Thanks again for the ideas so far. Keep em coming!!!:thumbsup:
  6. Dogznova

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    No.. Not in my indoor setup...I wish though...:thumbsup:
  7. stormin94

    stormin94 Registered+

    I was under the impression that yours was an outdoor setup.

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