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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by dkm287, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. dkm287

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    Hey what's up guys?

    I'm sick of spending money on glass cleaner (favorite is the 420 cleaner)

    I got a 21" phx double perc, and it's super dirty...

    ...do you know any recipes for some home made cleaner? I know someoe does!!
  2. tinytoon

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    Big bottle of rubbing alcohol
  3. Prodaytrader

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    Have you tried just hot water? For daily maintenance I often find a good flushing with hot water from the tap is good enough to clean most residue. After about 2 weeks I break down and clean with rubbing alcohol as Tiny said. 70% will work just fine and runs about 2 bucks a liter I think. Just splash it around with medium coarse rock salt or rice and your clean as the day you bought it. The salt or rice act as scrubbing agent and works fantastically but they will wash down the drain no problem.
  4. tikiroom

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    Rubbing alcohol and coarse salt does the trick for me too.
  5. Daddynobucks

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    Mark Emery

    says to use 95-99% isopropal alcohol (rubbing) and kosher salt,
    the salt doesn't disolve in alcohol. lot cheaper than 420

  6. Prodaytrader

    Prodaytrader Registered+

    Who's Mark Emery?
  7. tikiroom

    tikiroom Registered+

    He is the "prince of pot". Do a search, he is doing good things for the movement.
  8. Lynhal

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    1 cup rubbing alcohol
    1 cup water
    1 tablespoon vinegar

    Using isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar together makes a quickly evaporating spray glass and mirror cleaner that competes with national brands. This can also be used to give a nice shine to hard tiles, chrome, and other surfaces. :thumbsup:

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