Home made Rooting compound?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by emilya, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. emilya

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    I am very curious about a thread I just read about cooking down willow branches to extract the natural hormone that helps in root formation for your cloned plants.

    Has anyone tried this and can tell of their results? Here in Missouri we have an abundance of willow trees and I am a die hard cheapskate when I know that I can make something for free that sells for a fortune commercially. ;)

    My plan is to head to the woods around a lake I know of nearby and grab me some willow branches to put in my crock-pot. One never learns anything new if they don't experiment a bit, right?

  2. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Interesting. Willow, great idea. Curious about heat and how it would effect the hormone.
  3. oldmac

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    Hey emilya,

    Willow water is a very old method of getting a good rooting hormone. :thumbsup:

    I must admit I 've never heard or tried cooking branches to obtain it.

    When I was young and on the farm we would take a bundle of willow branch cuttings, stick them in a bucket (obviously durring warm weather) and when the cuttings started to show root growth the water was done. Remove the branches, filter the water for any debri (it had been outside for a few weeks) and ready to use for whatever you wanted to root.

    Hope that helps, but I am interested in your method.

  4. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    I will let you know how it goes! :) I'm betting that as in most things, as long as you don't get it over 200-250 degrees, like in a crock pot set on warm for a day or so, that it wont change the chemical structure and will simply leach the substance out of the branches. We will see. If it works, I think we can save a lot of folks some money out there... especially when this all eventually goes legal.

    Rack that old brain OM... what other old farm methods and old wives tales have you heard that might be able to be brought to our hobby?

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  5. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Maybe we should start a thread....OM's brain....

    I think he takes the cake for experience here. I am ready to pick his brain. I like his idea better than yours about the willow branch hormone....sounds more natural....'

    But don't stop, I love to see your avatar.
  6. emilya

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    LOL... maybe if I go out and pick them in the buff... that would make it more natural! Glad you like my AVI. Look! I just got a signature too!

  7. oldmac

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    Hey 'Wonder,

    That would either be a very short thread or a very bizzare one. There was a time I was into time travel, via heavy alcohol consumption and passing out. I'd wake up and say; Where am I? What time is it? What day? Why am I in this strange bed? Who the heck is that women with me?....Why is she dead? :wtf: No we don't want to go there.


    The only other old farm trick, I've mentioned before; the use of water, yeast and sugar in a glass milk bottle (remember those?) to produce co2. It was my first job on the farm, collecting old ones in the greenhouse dumping them and refill and placing them between the flats of tobacco. But it was also the start of learning about plants, became a lifelong interest. I'll try to see if I can come up with anything else tho.

    Thanks both for the kind words.:)
  8. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Let me put it this way then, I respect my elders. So, we have some time in our life which we aren't so proud of, the good part is we moved beyond that.

    Your knowledge with the light spectrums intrigues me, I have a very difficult time translating numbers into concrete stuff, so I try to understand it, not much luck so far, maybe I need one of those classes you took.

    Regardless Dude, you got my respect, you speak I listen.

    TANKJR Registered+

    Emmie, you have some interesting ways and knowledge...loved the cinnamon idea in the other thread and now your gonna make your own cloning stuff!?!? Can't wait to hear the results, but a little jar of cloning powder I get for like $4 and it's enough to last me at least ten years.....come on, your not really that cheap are ya? LOL! ;)

    Yea, I like to read OM's stuff too, WW!...I used to drink like that until I woke up in Canada a 1000 miles from the bar I had gone to the night before, and awoke in a strange hotel room with no pants and no wallet and no memory! Dunno if I killed anybody or not, since I was alone..."I was already drunk at the time"! :eek: I don't drink now tho and I haven't been back to Canada since!...There's no substitute for experience, I guess, eh OM? Makes for interesting reading anyhow..

    LOL! WW....I like Emmie's av, too! If she says that's her, I'm moving to Mizzou post haste! LMAO!
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  10. tikiroom

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    Yeah I have always been fond of that pic myself. :D

    Looking forward to your pics emilya! (of your plants, just to clarify);) :thumbsup:

    Since we are sharing, and to make OM know it's not just him.
    My story goes, got black-out drunk and woke up in jail stripped down to my "wife beater" shirt. No clue how I got their, almost broke my hand from punching the bullet proof glass(still drunk). The real interesting part is that my wallet was gone, and I got a call from a stranger later that day that said he found it. It was found three towns over. :wtf:

    But hey live and learn right?

    I've never heard of anyone doing this stuff on marijuana, bet yet according to the government its some really deadly stuff. :rolleyes:
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  11. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    Today I drove around a bit looking for a willow tree. In the summer time they are pretty easy to spot... lots of weeping willows here in Missouri... but right now... I think they are all hiding.

    Sooooo... I got thinking about this and came back and did some research on the net. Aspirin!. The best consensus out there seems to be 1.5 very well ground up aspirin (non - coated) per gallon of water. Do the 45 degree angle cut and nick the stem several times above the cut all around. Do the aspirin dip and plant.

    And... not only is it an effective rooting compound, but it seems to add a degree of disease resistance to the plant! Many reports talk of increased bloom size when aspirin water is used as a supplement later in the flowering stage. This deserves some experimentation! I will let you know what I see when I start trying to get some clones out of this batch.

  12. tikiroom

    tikiroom Registered+

    I have heard that people use aspirin to induce their females to throw nanners.
    I believe Rustytrichome has used aspirin for this, but don't quote me.
  13. budlover13

    budlover13 Registered+

    And THAT must be why granny used to tell me that it helped to take a samll willow stick and plant it with your cutting as a sturdy stick! HAD to be a willow stick. I thought it was some sort of wives tale or something seeing as how she required that if we entered the house through the front door we must leave through the front door. If we entered through the front and left through the back, or vice versa, we would take the "luck and good fortune" out of the house with us!
  14. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Emmie, I tried aspirin to get nanners out of a breed I had. I did not see any change in budding at all with the aspirin, I did see a stressed plant.

    What milligram?

    If it were me, I would use some tried and true method until you make your own stuff....you loose the line, you have to start all over. Nothing wrong with DIY, I am a biggie on that, but sometimes prudence is better than penny pinching. Your time has value also.

    As has been stated somewhere on the forum, just sticking the stem in water will work.

    Fun yes, complicate not for me.
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  15. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner


    Very good points, definitely. I think I will save the aspirin-as-a-bloom-supplement as a risky experiment that will be conducted on a plant that is not critical in the line. My present plan to go with a 2 plant SCRog grow in my custom designed grow box is going to allow me to have many clones to experiment with using many different methods, so I will get an answer regarding the use of aspirin as a rooting compound in the next few months if all goes according to plan. It's really not so much about penny pinching as learning that the solution is right there readily available to us in basic forms so as to not have to rely on the commercial suppliers for this stuff. I firmly believe that part of the solution to getting legalization is to remove the big money component to this "hobby." It's sort of like learning that a major component in a lot of the supplements out there is black-strap molasses... how much has that little gem of knowledge saved us overall in dollars spent toward this thing?

  16. WashougalWonder

    WashougalWonder Registered+

    Yep, isn't that the truth.
  17. oldmac

    oldmac Registered+


    Glad to see you are not going thru with aspirin as a rooting compound.
    That could be very tricky, if it would work or stress plant as many pointed out allready.

    When I've tried to deliberently stress a plant to hermie, my first choice is "light stress" since it works on most hybred plants. But if that don't work I go to "chemical stress" and the most mild of those chems is aspirin.

    "Take two asprins and call me Hermie in the morning" :D


    PS Like the new signature,great line!
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