Homemade Dry Box

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by cypher420, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. cypher420

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    What you think? Made cheap.


    cardboard box ($10 from UPS)
    tape(had it at home)
    coat hangers(had at home)
    screen door mesh or some time of mesh ($9 at home depot)
    extra cardboard/wood/anything to make frame around mesh (had at home)
    muffin fan ($17 radio shack)

    so about $36. Many don't even use a fan to pull air in so you could go even cheaper.

    here are some pics. a bit blurry sry.

    1st pic is screen on top of coat hangers
    2nd pic is holding screen seeing how cheaply made it was hah
    3rd pic obviously muffin fan
    4th pic hole for air to come through

    didn't put the hangers up that the bud will hang from. waiting to see lengths of my stems first.


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  2. JJrockets

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    Thanks for the info I'm sure a lot of people needed to know how its done.Are your trees done yet?
  3. cypher420

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    Hey thanx. I didn't end up using the computer fan. Was worried it would dry them too fast.

    They finished almost 2 months ago unfortunately one went hermie and then polinated another so crap load of seeds heh. Thankfully my blueberry was unaffected and gave me the most weight! (3ozs)

    new grow just started :)

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