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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by bry0con, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. bry0con

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    i was thinking of making a homeade greenhouse. but i dont really no what a greenhouse has in it..any electronics needs for it..etc lighting, stuff etc

    im planing on making it so i can plant in winter..but since winter is flowering time will they make my plants flower early even if i have a greenhouse?

    plus its going 2 be in a remote place so i was thinking of making one not much bigger then a box
  2. KanMan

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    If you have cold winters you will need a heater. A light would be needed if the day light is to short to veg the plants. Short day light days will force the Kannabis plant to flower greenhouse or not.

    Good Kannabis Growing!
  3. newgroweroldsmoker

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    how big???????

    you say that it is not going to be bigger than a box right? if so, i don't think it is worth the trouble to do that so as to raise one or two.....i decide to go on and do it, remember to wipe the glass clean of your fingerprints every time you pay a visit!!!!!

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