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  1. Boris99

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    Hello Mr. Obvious.....Long time reader.....First time poster...

    This is my first grow in a LONG time.
    My grow box is a homemade from plywood with dims of 8ft X 4ft X 4ft.
    Ventilation consists of 4 24VDC electronic fans, 1 stand alone fan and a small exhaust fan with a built in carbon filter.
    Cabinet is subdivided into a Veg chamber and a Flower chamber.
    Lights - Veg...150W CFL Flower....400 W HPS
    Nutes - MG in very sparse quantities plus good ole Superthrive!
    All plants have been very submissive to my attempts at bondage (LST) and have NOT been topped
    My "Babies" are 5-6 weeks old and just switched to 12/12

    Wish me luck!

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  2. Boris99

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    Ooopppssss......I forgot

    I'm using the CO2 Boost system
    (1 hour on/1 hour off during light phases)
    All fans, pumps, lights etc. are on X10 Timer modules controlled through my PC
  3. Zandor

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    Why the one hour cycle? The whole idea is to hold the extra CO² for hours then exchange out the air and start all over again.

    An hour on an hour off is what maybe 500 ppm extra at most?

    You should have more like 1800ppm for 6 hours at a time.
  4. Boris99

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    Thanks for replying!
    This is the first time I've used CO2.
    I'm really worried about the heat build up. I was under the understanding that hours at high temp would induce heat stress. Should I just keep the recirc fan going and turn off the other fans?
    I can't afford a CO2 meter/regulator.

    This is why I like this place......WISDOM!
  5. GrowRebel

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    Sounds sweet

    I'm afraid I can't help you with the co2 question .... I just was wondering if you could post a picture of your cabinet ... sound interesting .... and a good idea for a set up.

    I see you are using soil .... are you planning a SOG or ScOG method? Or just starting from seed and pull the males .... grow the female in big pots?

    Just curious.:confused:

  6. Zandor

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    Heat is something everyone needs to deal with. Glass heat shelds on the HID light and air cooled will help a lot.

    When you use CO² its best to have the temperature in the mid 80's. The extra heat will help the plant to absorb the extra CO²

    There is an FAQ on CO² basic you should have a look at.
  7. Boris99

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    I'm sorry! The room the cab is in is actually too small to get a decent pic!
    I'll try drawing it up and posting that.
    My eventual plan is to ScrOG the Willie Nelson I just started. The 5 shown are just bagseed with a catnip plant tossed in. (Gotta bribe my furry assistants)

    I've switched the cycle to 3 hours CO2 on/1 hour air exchange and ran a vent duct to the lamp direct from the recirc fan. I'll monitor the temps for a few days and adjust the times from that. The FAQ is a great place for info! Thanks again!
  8. Boris99

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    Day 7

    It looks like the "kids" are adapting well to 12/12! Lots of growth in the past week and I'm LST'ing my butt off!
    Nutes are now sparse amounts of Schultz's Bloom (10-54-10), Molasses and Superthrive every 3rd watering.
    I realize now that I want more light. My next disability check is going towards some CFL's for both the Veg and Flower chambers.

    One of the pics is the Willie Nelson that will be moved to the Veg side of the box in a few days and I've included a (rough) drawing of the box.

    The cats always want to help but a sprig of fresh catnip keeps them busy while I tend to the plants.

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  9. Boris99

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    Happy Dance!

    At least one is a girl!!!

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