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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by UserName AlphaNiner, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. UserName AlphaNiner

    UserName AlphaNiner Registered+

    Anyone have a website or directions to make a kif box for cheap?

    I understand it is a relatively simple procedure, but, I've never seen a kif box and I only have a very vague perception of how they work. I've very interested in it, though.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. ^_^
  2. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    i cant help u wit the box, but i can offer another, easier an quicker way ta collect yer crystalz. buy an electric coffee grinder frum searz er wherever, one shood only cost 10 buckz er so. instead ov usin scissors ta cut yer shit, juss drop wutever budz u wanna smoke into the grinder. u shood only need to grind it fer a few secondz, an make sure u shake the grinder well while yer bustin yer shit so that it cutz up more evenly. dump yer bud out an look around the lid fer a lil bit ov powder lookin shit(crystalz). get a paintbrush er sumthin like that an brush the crystalz into one pile then juss slam the lid against yer table upside down an all the crystal will fall out. scrape it into a pile an there u have it, instant crystalz. the whiter coloured they r the better. u will find if there rlly white they will juss bubble a lil when u first spark em, then they turn into a lil hash ball. itz good shit but u will cough yer fuckin ass off if hittin a bong.
  3. UserName AlphaNiner

    UserName AlphaNiner Registered+

    Thanks a lot, dude. Will definitely try that. ^_^
  4. MRB041

    MRB041 Registered+

    So after you take all the crystals off, is the bud still good? I would think it would loose almost all its potency right?
  5. UserName AlphaNiner

    UserName AlphaNiner Registered+

    I would assume the bud is still useable. Perhaps with just a little less potency.

    Using the kif box to store it, will store it just the same as usual....except the crystals that break off will fall and collect in a common place and you can make use of them at a later time.

    Correct me if I'm wrong (which I very well may be....I don't really understand the kif box 100%)
  6. gs8778

    gs8778 Registered+

    they dont look to difficult to make.

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  7. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    cant u jus buy one?
  8. kyle

    kyle Registered+

    u wont lose potency, everyone does that for rolling joints, both my bros me and all my buddies, it doesnt lose all its potency it loses some of the crystals, notta biggy, and then u got krystals for later or i suppose u could dump em in ur joint if u wanted to
  9. UserName AlphaNiner

    UserName AlphaNiner Registered+

    "cant u jus buy one?"

    Of course, I can buy one. But, I figure it would be a cool/fun thing to do one day. I like making things that enhance my smoking with my own hands....it makes the high that much more enjoyable. ^_^

    Not to mention, I can customize it. Add designs to it and make it my own.
  10. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    yea and the satisfaction of making it and spending time on it is alwayz better then the satisfaction of blwoing a few dollaz on it.even though i am a lazy guy somtimes
  11. hydro420

    hydro420 Registered+

    i aw always thinking about using a coffee grinder but i didn't think it would work but now i will have to try it. thanx
  12. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    i do not notice any potency difference. i mean maybe it loosez a lil bit but not a noticable amount. i bet if ya try it out u wont b disappointed, it also fluffz yer weed out so if u have moist or compressed shit it will bust out to a nice big pile. when u think about it, the scissorz kinda make the weed go into compressed chunkz az it slicez it, makin yer pile look smaller, an u get less bowlz out ov it. a buster, az i call em, doesnt compress it at all it fluffz er out nicely.
  13. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    yea but if it is all ground up,it will be finer then tearing apart a nug into little peices and it will burn up quicker in a bowl or w/e
  14. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    no u dont have ta grind it up all fine an shit, if u want it in bigger peicez u juss turn it on an grind the shit fer a second. take the lid off an see if itz cut up enuff fer yer liking an if not, put the lid back on an bust it fer another second er 2. u'll get used 2 how much u need ta bust. maybe ppl r thinkin im talkin bout grindin up yer entire gram(fer example) into powder. this iznt wut im talkin bout. wut yer doin iz cuttin up yer weed, juss like u wood wit scissorz only it takez alot less time an u will get more out ov yer gram er wutever ya got. AT THE SAME TIME, u will b able ta collect yer crytalz so u aint wastin anythin at all. all i can say iz try the shit out, juss make sure u dont bust it fer more then a second er 2 at a time az it duznt take long.
  15. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    oh an if i go 2 my dadz 2day, i'll grab a digital cam an do up sum picz ov the shit fer yaz.
  16. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    a coffee grinder (or 'budbuster 2000' as it is sometimes known) is a great way to collect crystals as well as bust up your shit...I've got a portable one, takes 2 AA batteries, and works wonderfully. but you're not trying to make your weed into powder...that's too much busting. you want it crumbly, but enough that you can pinch it and pick up a small bunch between your fingers...
  17. Day Dreamin Faze

    Day Dreamin Faze Registered+

    How much u pay for your portable grinder?
  18. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    like six bucks. canadian.

    but it was in a store where I would never have thought to look...'san francisco' in square one (if you're in toronto, that is)
  19. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    i think san fransico iz the equivalent ov our san diego(kingston). they got sum shitty ass bongz that r the same price az the good quality replicaz. an yah, make sure u dont over bust yer shit like me an gonzo said. i dunt wnna get sum1 to try this an end up wastin they shit, juss DONT OVERBUST!! lol. the portable onez arent too bad besidez the fact that ya cant rlly put more then a gram in er it juss jamz up.

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