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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by busteruk7, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. busteruk7

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    ive made a reflector for my 200w envirolite what i did i used the side panel off my old pc server case bent it to the shape i wanted and coated it with mylar i used spray adhesive to attach the mylar to the panel and drilled holes on both sides for hanging it with my easy roll hangers ive attached pieces of wood to it too to hold the actuall e40 lamp holder and lamp and it seems to be doing the job ok ill post some pics and if anyone has any ideas that will make this better then that would be great thanks all
    or do you think i should ditch the homemade one and buy a proper one lol

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  2. turtle420

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    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 4U

    Bravo dude... very good. Home-made stuff. Ingenuity. Engineering. Imagination. StonerHood.

    Looks great man. No, don't go out and buy a commercial one.

    Maybe you can add a fan to the other side of the reflector... maybe using a piece of wood like you did with the bulb socket. Something like a PC fan... shooting air straight into the bulb.

    Best dude,

    -turtle420 :cool:
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  3. busteruk7

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    i will add another fan cheers turtle for the idea i thought it wasent going to be as good as a commercial one but it works and thats what matters at the end of the day glad you like it, i will post another pic when i have added another fan to it watch this space lol:dance:
  4. latewood

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    GOOD JOB. nice to see someone show some initiative
  5. Legalizdahurb

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  6. turtle420

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    lol !

    Told ya' Buster, good work! ;)
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  7. busteruk7

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    ive slightly alltered the reflector and placed a fan shooting air in to the bulb just a lil impovement thanks all

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  8. turtle420

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    Looking good... :) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    I was going to tell you....

    SECURITY WARNING with Mylar...
    Re-check your pictures 3 times before uploading... Mylar is like a mirror... be carefull you don't show your face...
  9. busteruk7

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    yeah i thought of that cheers turtle luckily i was standing to far away from it when taking the pic anyway thanks all :thumbsup:
  10. MrGreenFingaz

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    right on man, thats awesome
  11. 4x5

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    The Hood I am using now is made from an old highway sign, "Lane ends". painted with epoxy (appliance) paint. spray adhesive is a great idea for mylar, cool hood!
  12. Zandor

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  13. busteruk7

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    nice cheers everyone glad you all like it well it serves its purpose and dident really cost me out im pleased with it
    i even made another one similar to this check out my homemade vegcab thread
    cheers all :)
  14. t3chyo

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    I am planning on doing this same thing with thoughs CFL's, nice work!
  15. 2MC5

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    Good move I would have never thought of using the side panel off my pc!!! Then agene I am stoned most of the time!!!!! Where am i??????
  16. kully

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    Buster i have exactly the same light as you,and im going to build a hood aswell

    You said you attached a piece of wood to it for the lamp socket,

    How did you attach the socket for the lamp onto that piece of wood,like in the first picture?

  17. Legalizdahurb

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    Hi Kully.
    I also have the same lights I just went to the local hardware store and bought some bolts. I hope this helps.

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  18. gr0ingCrack

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    damn nice i just used ripped open monster cans and some wet sand paper!
  19. Legalizdahurb

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    Nice i heard that worked well. I have reflectors designed for differant bulbs so i had 2 mod a little, but its all good.

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