Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by dutchy, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. dutchy

    dutchy Registered+

    Well I got some Honey & Hash Oil.
    Gonna break in the new pipe with the oils and abit of weed too.

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  2. harmonicminor

    harmonicminor Registered+

    thats it,
    I'll be right over :)
  3. Swizzy89304

    Swizzy89304 Registered+

    Hey Dutchy, havent seen you around in a while! Been missing those pics you keep posting... theyre about the only ones on here that make me drool a big puddle all over the computer! :p
  4. Smokey McPot

    Smokey McPot Registered+

    Ive never smoked hash oil. Is it better than hash? I know of people who have rubbed it on their joints and smoked it but i have yet to do so
  5. jahjahjahjah

    jahjahjahjah Registered+

    always nice.
  6. imagoober

    imagoober Registered+

    damn! desert, that shit looks like a weed sundae, you start with the bowl in that the weed like ice cream, and hash oil like hot fudge! looks delicious. thats a bitchin pipe where did you get it online??
  7. GanjaBob

    GanjaBob Registered+

    that pipe is sweet where did u get that i watn one so bad.
  8. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    they got them on grass city, whats that brown shit the bowl is lined with is that resin or oil? cause thats not how you smoke oil if thats what it is
  9. Smokes

    Smokes Registered+

    Dutchy deserves like sometype of super stoner award... I have probobly had less than a 1/4 of the shit he gets... wow, props to dutchy

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