Honey Slides

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by reality0, Jun 24, 2007.

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    Ok well I was looking for something simple to make with my weed. (Tired of smoking) And I came upon this.... And it is quite amazing.... So easy and so fucked up...

    Well, here ya go... :jointsmile:

    Honey Slides
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    I wonder if you can make like a tea with this... you decarb the weed first (similar to heating it till it smokes in the frying pan) then put honey and water in like a metal cup or some bowl small enough to simmer the bud in there it for 5-10 minutes , and then you can strain the bud out with like a metal strainer, and then you have weed tea.. with royal jelly ...

    or you can just make the honey slide (royal jelly) the way it's usually made and then mix some with some warm to hot water.. and when it all cools strain the bud..

    duno if the bud can be used after this tho..
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    Dude! I've made this same thread! Are you a Neil junkie too? I intend to try this if I go camping this summer.
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    yea I'm wondering if this works, and whats the best way to do it...
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    hm found this recipe Marijuana Recipes: PROFESSOR TEE'S MIRACLE TINCTURE

    uses honey and WATER but also in stead of water alcohol can be used..

    but many honey slide recipes like this one: International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - HONEY SLIDES...quick and easy!

    call for using butter and honey not just honey.. so maybe Neil meant 'to cook the weed with some small amount of butter" in the pan before mixing in with honey, like you would cook a stir fry for example with a small amount of olive oil or butter?

    just some thoughts..
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    Hate to bump this, but I have a general question, and its because of this thread...

    Is it possible to microwave the pot in the butter, and transfer the THC that way? Last I recalled, unless you were using extremely long periods of time in the microwave, you couldnt burn off the THC easily via that method. I guess the real question is, would the thc transfer over to the fatty butter decent enough to be able to remove the stove portion of these recipes?
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    Happy Honey Slides
    Back in 1972 we used to put our pot in the blender and "dust" it. Then we'd put a stick of butter in an iron skillet and saute the pot. We didn't measure. You probably should. I read up in this thread about 1 1/2 level teaspoons for leaf, half of that for bud. Then we added honey and brown sugar and fried it to a crackle stage caramel. We're making suckers here. If you like the soft caramel just don't cook it as long. Pour it out and let it get set up. Pop a piece in your mouth and let it melt. It may take 1-2 hours to feel the effect with I nice long I can't drive buzz. Be careful. Pot has varying strength. Less is better than too much. Prepare munchies in advance. It's just a lot easier that way. Good luck. Enjoy!!

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