Horrible smelling Green Dragon--any ideas?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Pops, Jan 14, 2013.

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    Hi all, newbie on board. Have fond memories of late '60's but out of the loop ever since.

    Recently got some very high CBD/low THC strain to test for my insomnia. Seems to help a bit but...

    When first received it, smoke a little just to test. Pleasant old school smell (both in the bag and the smoke), reminded me of herb from way back when. Zero psychotropic effect as I would expect (and hoped for) a bit of body relaxation and bronchial dilation.

    Got some EverClear figuring to brew up some Green Dragon...decarbed first, then slow cook in the ethanol over double boiler as follows: Ground it up and put on parchment paper in 200 degree oven for 20 minutes and was hit by mild but quite nasty chemical aroma, sort of solvent meets plastic or something like that.

    I proceeded to do the EverClear extraction and the tincture stinks with same smell even stronger. Hasn't killed me. Yet... but wife says even next evening, 24+ hours later, that my breath stinks like chemicals, exact same smell as the tincture. It took about 48 hours for my breath to return to my normal "dragon breath", not necessarily sweet as candy but not a social menace!

    Any ideas what's up with this???

    Thanks in advance for any input!
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    where did you receive it from? first thoughts would be maybe grower didnt flush, heavy chem. nute buildup? if its off the street then maybe it was dusted/sprayed with something to give an effect to the user or to have treated a pest problem during grow. but then again, u can get something dusted at a dispensary as well if it somehow gets past whoever checks it.
    if you have more, maybe do the same process but use something besides parchment paper. could have been the paper itself? wife didn't hit the oven with cleaner a few hours before right? heh
    i wouldn't think the strain would have that as a characteristic but i have no experience with it so i can't rule it out.
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    Thanks Green Valley. Came from med provider as gift, test plant of very high CBD strain. Grown indoors in soil, 100% organic. This person is super careful and fanatic about nothing "poisonous" having anything to do w/ the medicine. Actually did this process twice, and one time baked on aluminum foil, the other the parchment paper.

    I imagine strain names can be same name in different regions for different strains. This one was a Colorado one called Trinity. Just occurred to me from what you said about strain characteristic, maybe super high in terpenes? Don't those have a bit of a turpentine like smell which I'm sure varies w/ the particular terpene in question...?
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    GREENVALLEY907 ... been searching for you for ages ... like... all day long! LOLOL Seriously, if by some odd chance you see this, PLEASE contact me! I'm down in Homer, and researching MTF. As in his this Ron Bass guy really revived the ORIGINAL strain? Like, is that even possible? MANY more questions!! THANKS!!
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    Hmmm, that looks insufficient.
    I'd add 60 degrees, and 10 minutes for a full decarb.
    At least that's what works for me.

    That smell you describe, I would call phenol.
    And I think you are correct about terpenes.

    I once tried to decarb some Mazar al shariff.
    The smell was of mercaptans.
    In other words, it smelled like human excrement.

    Did a sample extraction of a small amount to see if the smell persisted.
    It did. Had to discard the whole batch. :(

    Wee 'zard
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