Hot or cold water in a bong? Which one?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MangaMan, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. MangaMan

    MangaMan Registered+

    Does it make a difference whether you use hot or cold water while tokin ya bong? I don't have one so I can't find out myself, so what's up? Does it make a difference in the intensity of hot (boiling) or cold (icy) water as opposed to normal temperatures?
  2. DataMatrix

    DataMatrix Banned

    The colder the water the easier it is on your throat. If you used hot water it would burn your throat really painfully. If you use ice (with water), then you can take the biggest toke ever.

    Put the bong in the freezer, take it out when its cold, add the water and a few ice cubes and toke away!
  3. Polymirize

    Polymirize Registered+

    actually, warm water bong hits are amazing.

    think of it like a beverage, sometime it's good icy cold, and sometime it's good when it warms you up.
    During the summer, it's all about the ice-catchers, and during the cold months, nothing like bong hits through steaming green tea.

    Damn, I'm gonna go make some tea and pack a bowl...

  4. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    hmm never done that.. sounds good maybe i'll give it a try
  5. MaryjaneMenehune

    MaryjaneMenehune Registered+


    I heard somewhere that thc dissolves into the water, but to a lesser degree when put through warm water... I have no evidence to back this up, maybe it is more important when using a vap-bowl in a glass on glass bong....Im not sure, just wondering what you've been able to find out using scientific data. ( i know that water can hold more air when it is cold ie. putting soda in the fridge, but i don't know if this principle carries through for bongs...)
    oh well, both ways get you high :D
  6. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    cold water-icy cool hits that make the hits fresh and tasty

    warm or hot water-filters out tars better and gives a nice feeling on the throat

    I like both but i usually use cold water because i get my water from a water cooler(tap water is not to be trusted) which cools the water while its in there
  7. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    why not use tap water?
  8. cokekilla

    cokekilla Registered

    yea bong hits r alwayz the best...never tried ice, really want to lol
  9. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    tap water has a shitload of cleaners and purifiers in it and im not sure if this is a fact but it has something like iron in it that rotts your teath and fucs up your liver, plus it doesnt take much to contaminate it but mostly because it just tastes right fucking disgusting-city water that is

    well water is good though, tastes just like water nothing
  10. DataMatrix

    DataMatrix Banned

    You do realise that iron is a mineral right? Without iron you wouldn't have enough red blood cells. Even copper is a mineral. EVEN SODIUM!

    This doesn't mean go around eating metals, because the metals are in an oxidised form (to remove their toxicity), but the minerals in water are oxidised anyway so there is no need to worry about tap water.
  11. s2headhunter

    s2headhunter Registered+

    and you sound like one of those people that are afraid to walk across those like grid like looking drains....DONT DRINK TAP WATER IT HAS SUCH A MIMIMUL AMOUNT OF CHEMICALS IN IT THAT YOU COULD PROLLY DRINK A POOL AND IT NOT HARM U BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TAP WATER> man not being a dick just fucking with ya
  12. chillsmoke

    chillsmoke Registered+

    tap waters bunk
    most of the tap water in mt is ok
    except for the city of butte... with the giant open pit copper mine, the ground water is polluted so far beyond the potential for human consumption that they have to truck in water for the whole city
  13. chillsmoke

    chillsmoke Registered+

    a few years ago... the element Mercury was seeping through the streets... yes the liquid metal kind of mercury
    was seeping up to the surface of the city streets of butte i got to see it
    it was cool but kinda sad that the area is that polluted and there is so many metals in the ground
  14. tuffgong87

    tuffgong87 Registered

    Ya I would totally go with the colder water. Also i think there is minimal to no THC loss in the water due to the fact that THC is not water soluble.
  15. RastaKaze

    RastaKaze Registered+

    Well, I live in New York City... so don't try and tell me my tap water is safe. Much less anyone in this country... The government recycles excess poisons and waste through the public water systems... Who's to say some of these aren't getting through. I ain't gonna drink tap water. And I sure as hell can't see Bush turning on the faucet for a drink.
  16. tokinggreg

    tokinggreg Registered+

    Actually NYC has been tested to have one of the purest tap water supplies in the country. Sure, the salt water surrounding Manhattan isn't clean at all, but the reservoirs are very clean. So drink up.
  17. Goodman3eb

    Goodman3eb Registered+

    Whether or not tap water is dangerous, I still like taking a hit through spring water. Maybe it's just a placebo effect, but it tastes better to me somehow.

    That aside, if you have perfect freedom and no real time constraints (i.e. not blazing on the DL or outside), put a pot of water on the stove, and leave it at a nice simmer-- not boiling, but hotter than you'd want to drink, anyway. That way, whenever your water starts to cool down, you can just pour it out and add some fresh water!

    Bong hits through that kind of water are just... fantastic. The steam feels great in your throat, and the hit just goes down like a lungful of tropical air. I'd imagine hot green tea would be even nicer.

    On the other hand, a chilly hit on the rocks can be damn refreshing on a summer night with some friends. You can't lose either way.
  18. MaryjaneMenehune

    MaryjaneMenehune Registered+

    I like hitting a bong with ice and fruit2o or some similar "flavored water" type dealy thing...tasty
  19. welshkillabee

    welshkillabee Registered+

    In the summer I usually use freezing cold with ice in the catcher but then again its great throught hot water as well...
  20. Reefer Rogue

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