Hot water bong!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by maxsuperdanks, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Putting hot water as opposed to cold, then ice if you have a separate ice holder is genius.

    Smoothest hits on earth, the hot water vapor helps to get rid of the harshness of the smoke immensely.

    Figured I'd post another cool tip that'll mysteriously disappear like my Soldering Iron thread about lighting your pot with a hot soldering iron (The hell is with that? It was verified that a clean soldering iron was safe, it's not a DIY or Homemade, so I don't get it?)
  2. linearvermin

    linearvermin Registered+

    Hot water and cold water would make the bong have different temperatures in side it. Multiple temps. will result in the glass being easier to break. I've personally never tried this and cant imagine it would actually make it smoother. All your doing is risking your bong when you do that. Tap it on the sink while filling it up and CRACK its gone.
  3. AZFour20

    AZFour20 Registered

    I wouldn't reccomend trying this...

    Ice + Hot water = Broken bong :(
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  4. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    I've done it multiple times, the water isn't that effin hot, it's hot enough to steam up, hardly hot enough to mess with good pyrex that you can easily bake and cook on the stove with.

    No troubles, and smoother hits for surely.

    And I did say ice catcher, it keeps the ice from touching the hot water at all.
  5. affasd

    affasd Registered+

    ya I do it in my friends roor all the time i think it would only be a problem if its cheap thinner glass
  6. HighTy

    HighTy Registered+

    Yeah I tried the soldering iron thing, it didn't work effectivly.
  7. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    I guess it works differently with different irons *shrug*
  8. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Right, if you have a quality pyrex glass bong , it shouldn't be an issue.
  9. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    finally, somebody tried it ! ... I've been touting hot water in a bong for years, usually ignored :jointsmile:
  10. josemartinez915

    josemartinez915 Registered+

    yeah hot water is great, im usualy just too lazy to refill my bong with hot water every sesh
  11. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    I've tried it before, but it always cooled down too fast. Advice?
  12. 420_24/7

    420_24/7 Registered+

    I know what your talking about, I saw possibly the first post you ever made about the hot ,and everybody knocked it. I have no idea why. I think it works great, with or without the ice.
  13. eyesmohk

    eyesmohk Registered+

    the whole reason you would use cold water is to condense the smoke as much as you can, producing a bigger hit than room temperature. if youre using warm water, youre probably just not getting as big of a hit...hence its 'smoother'. just a thought.
  14. linearvermin

    linearvermin Registered+

    Exactly what I was thinking
  15. 420_24/7

    420_24/7 Registered+

    I can get a big hit off of a hot water bong, and it's alot smoother than cold/room temp water
  16. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    Use hotter water, or get a bong with a bigger resevoir.

    My VIP glass (picture a roor style, with a side jar for your stash) has an ash catcher, so I fill my bong up with hot ass water, then blow the hot water into the ash catcher, so it works double time.

    Then I throw ice down into the ice catcher and rip that bitch.
  17. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+

    That's what the ice is for bro.

    I milk that shit every time regardless, I've never had trouble with too small a hit, rest assured :)
  18. twitch

    twitch Registered+

    if any one has an ash catcher what i do is put water in it then put it in the microwave till it boils then put it on the bong (becareful it hot)
    i use it to i posted it up on the thread where every one was saying they use kool aid and shit
  19. maxsuperdanks

    maxsuperdanks Registered+


    That sounds like a killer idea!
  20. swice1

    swice1 Registered+

    ya hot water! but fuck the ice..

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