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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BlazingBrandon, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. BlazingBrandon

    BlazingBrandon Registered

    Hey just looking for some new people to blaze with in houston
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  2. BlazingBrandon

    BlazingBrandon Registered


    any one out there in houston
  3. locolar

    locolar Registered

    Well hi there, BlazingBrandon!
    I just joined up myself and am in Houston. I'm glad to see that there is someone else here in H town.
  4. signman2007

    signman2007 Registered+

    What up H town....I am from Gunspoint (belyway8& Veterans mem.)if you feel me!!!! Na man all my fam still lives there in Woodgate! Man I am up here un Co smoking the best herb (I am a regitersed patien) in the cleanest air....just can't beat that!@ My friend if you ever want to take an EXCELLENT adventure (well vacation for short) head mt way and hit me up and I will show you why Colorado is the best state in the Union!!!!!!!!!
  5. blazedtexas

    blazedtexas Registered+

    have to agree with signman on this one i love my texas but........ used to live in colorado and i miss leaving. best air and weather and the smoke wow.... where u living in colorado?
  6. BlazingBrandon

    BlazingBrandon Registered

    Yea Im from houston

    idk its not the best here thats for damn sure weeds not the best we do get some pretty good shit on occasion but egh its houston idk just looking for new people to toke with in this *wonderful* H town.......
  7. NorthHouston89

    NorthHouston89 Registered


    Whats up guys im from north houston, just looking to see whats goin on around houston.

  8. GartthyTheGreat

    GartthyTheGreat Registered+

    Well my cousins in Houston, and I go there a lot and blaze w/him but I'm in Fl. Houston pwns :D
  9. NorthHouston89

    NorthHouston89 Registered

    The sour diesel and jack-frost strain thats moving around north Houston is amazing!!:thumbsup:
  10. ijustloveweed

    ijustloveweed Registered+

    i live like 20-30 mins from downtown houston, but yeah the weather in texas sucks ass raining all day today but usually its just humid and hot as fuck. The bud aint bad but its pricey ....unless you wanna get some cheap shwagg that seems to be plentiful around here
  11. brussels

    brussels Registered+

    hey there Brandon...I'm close enough to Houston to chirp in I guess. Been growing for a number of years, really out of necessity, because of the poor selection/price of "named" varieties available. Yeah, you can get a lb of mexi brick for a hundred, but who cares. lol

    Anyway, be safe...B
  12. TaishanCity

    TaishanCity Registered

    Hey Blazing, whats up!! Love to blaze a big fat one!!

    Hey Blazing, whats up!! Love to blaze a big fat one!!. Just relocated from So Cal, where is a good place to score in Houston? Heard about the north side, but nothing specific.

    Hollar back
  13. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    in htown u are basically set, location really doesnt matter.

    just go to clubs downtown and u will see faces, befriend people and u will hopefully find a hookup.

    and be advised of dangerous ghetto areas, there are quite a few around the area, u dont wanna go there as a stranger without a trusted connection at all!!!! they dont mess around at all.

    and please read the rules of forum. i think asking for a hookup n stuff is illegal and can lead to a ban.

    good luck
  14. nwodreciffo

    nwodreciffo Registered+

    Im from houston
  15. patrickconquest

    patrickconquest Registered


    what up i just moved here! from PA!
  16. Prop215Man

    Prop215Man Registered

    See Cannabis Planet! Want to experience LA dispensary scene?

    Okay folks from H-Town. I'm a local who has lived in LA since 1994.

    Want to see what Houston is missing out on? Check this out...


    Houston needs to organize and get it's own laws passed!

  17. patrickconquest

    patrickconquest Registered

    what's up I just moved here from Pennsylvania
  18. Glugglug

    Glugglug Registered+

    I'm in Houston.I'm smoking again after a 2 year break,I can only get shwag atm but I'm always willing to share. :stoned: I live near Hwy6 and 290.
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  19. 420Hippie

    420Hippie Registered


    Hey Brandon Im in nw Houston wattup whats good
  20. Bigshow

    Bigshow Registered

    Live near I-10 & Dairy Ashford

    Looking for someone who like to party, send me a pm.
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