how accurate is first check home test?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by fr3dmcdougal, Mar 8, 2009.

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    I have a urine test tomorrow for a job and i have been sober for 31 days I bought a home test "First Check Home Test" for marijuana and I peed negative this morning for pot. How accurate is this test? Should I be confident I will pass the job screening test tomorrow? If not are there any safe guards I can do tonight to increase my chances of peeing even cleaner?

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    First check home test

    I believe the First Check home test is pretty accurate. I'm guessing it is almost exactly what the labs use to test your urine. It's a relatively cheap test, and remember, these labs are in it to make money. They are only going to use the elaborate, more sensitive tests, as a confirmation should you test positive on the initial screening, which is usually a 50ng cutoff. 95 out of 100 people probably pass the initial screening, and the company makes a fortune.....never having to really test the sample any further. I tested negative yesterday afternoon on my 3rd pee of the day and having drank zero water. I'm also hoping I will pass today, but I'm going to mildly dilute just to be sure. You are going to be fine.........I smoked 6 days ago and am testing negative already (Only smoked one hit). To put your mind at ease I would take some aspirin 4 hrs before the test (it's supposed to elicit a false negative) and also drink a fair amount of Gatorade, but no so much that it will be totally diluted.....since you will most likely pass anyway. Good luck!

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