How are my trichomes looking? Almost ready for harvest?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Radiohead89, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Radiohead89

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    I was wondering if anyone could help me... i took some pics of my trichomes and cant tell if some are amber or if its just the background color or the flash on the camera. does it look like i can harvest soon? i like a couchlock stone from my weed. I was planning harvesting them on sunday december 31st which is in 3 days. is that not enough time?

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  2. Tokudai

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    Looks a little clearish for a "couchlock" effect. hard to say if 3 days will be enough, when did you last feed them?
  3. Radiohead89

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    today.... very small amount of flowering nutes
  4. Radiohead89

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  5. Splifted

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    If you're planning on harvesting, quit feeding. Ideally you want 2 weeks of plain water to flush the ferts out of your plant before chopping, it improves the taste a great deal. But sorry man, my eyes are too bad to tell you bout the trichomes, but the weed itself is lookin good :stoned:
  6. bud luv

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  7. Perp

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    I see some amber, some cloudy and some clear. I'd say you can go ahead and harvest anytime. I would flush for a week first though, like they said above.

    Nice pics BTW.
  8. invision

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    i woould harvest it but wait 2 days for the pot to dry out, too bad you added nutes it may taste very harsh
  9. bud luv

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    yes, very nice pics.
  10. santacruz_organic

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    how did you take those pics?

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