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How are these buds looking for a cfl grow?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by submast3r, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. submast3r

    submast3r Registered+

    In the fourth week of flowering, this strain normally finishes in 7-8 weeks.

    My first grow, are these really small buds? That's kind of my first impression but I've been on overly concerned grower to a T this entire process.

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  2. mrfertilizer

    mrfertilizer Registered

    Id say they plants are looking good! What lights are you using?
  3. SauceeMcGee

    SauceeMcGee Registered+

    What kind of CFL's are you using?

    Those plants look to be Sativa dominant is that correct? If so, it would be really hard to get a good harvest off of them using CFL's. For one, Sativas have less leaf matter and less chlorophyll than indicas so they absorb a lot LESS light and take MUCH longer to finish (surprised by the 7-8 week finishing time on this puppy). Also with Sativas, they don't produce higher quantities of buds, they produce higher quality buds.


  4. submast3r

    submast3r Registered+

    Just a standard hybrid. Maybe leaning a little closer to sativa but still totally doable in a closet grow. Hopefully lol
  5. SauceeMcGee

    SauceeMcGee Registered+

    Cool, but what lights are you using?

  6. submast3r

    submast3r Registered+

    3 42 watt 2700 lumen bulbs and one 13 watt bulb. They're all 2700K except for one of the 42 watts. So...a little short of 10,000 lumen for one plant in a 1x1 square foot area. I'm going to try to get more light for the next grow but for now I'll probably just finish it off as is.
  7. SauceeMcGee

    SauceeMcGee Registered+

    That sounds like a fairly good amount of lumen output for the size of your area. Also, based on the size of your area, your plant can't possible be that big. If your plant isn't that big, your roots probably aren't that massive either. Smaller roots = bigger buds. Thicker stalk = more nutrient uptake. Bigger Roots + Thicker Trunk + Bigger overall plant = Huge Buds. I'd say your buds are coming along very nicely for a small sativa dom. plant grown under roughly 10,000 lumens using CFL's.


  8. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    Put the blunt down Sauce. No, just put the blunt down and walk away.:S5:
  9. SauceeMcGee

    SauceeMcGee Registered+

    Whoah...that's the first fuck up I've ever done on here...whoah...good catch for real though. I apologize for that...that's what you get for not reading your posts before posting!!!

    Apologies and good catch,


    I can't let it go that I went against the fucking most obvious rule of plants a foolish thing to type. I continued with the correct logic in the rest of my post...wowsers...I really wish I could change that. Damn...
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  10. irydyum

    irydyum Registered+

    Simple mistake man, don't beat urself up over it.
  11. SauceeMcGee

    SauceeMcGee Registered+

    Good catch though, for real. I've just experienced a new type of mind fuck haha

    whatever :stoned:
  12. kuchsmoke

    kuchsmoke Registered

    Nice gorw bub
  13. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    6 year old post... most of these people are no longer around.
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  14. kuchsmoke

    kuchsmoke Registered

    Lol ohh..i just made a account like a min ago..
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  15. bhoboy

    bhoboy Registered+

    K and lumen r 2 completly different thing k is the light spectrum lumen is how vright it is to the human eye
  16. DirtyBlueGene

    DirtyBlueGene Registered+

    eI justilya said:
    6 year old post... most of these people are no longer around.

    That should say Emylia said. How the hell did that happen? o_O:confused::eek:
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