How can I effectively consume MJ without smoking it? Please help.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by benknight, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. benknight

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    I'm trying to accumulate a complete list of alternatives to smoking marijuana -- with kids and general public around, smoking is not an easy option. These are the ways I know of:

    1. Smoking
    2. Brownies (or space cakes) - however, baking these are an issue for me too.
    3. Vaporization
    4. Mixed with brandy or rum (warmed?)
    5. Mixed with boiling milk?

    I've recently heard of "strips" (kind of like Listerine breath freshening strips:

    I've also heard of "Marinol", I believe a synthetic marijuana pill.

    Any suggestions on how to consume marijuana without smoking or vaporizing it, would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. killerweed420

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    Brownies are a great way to get MMJ. And depending on the health issue it works very well.
  3. Coelho

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    Well... the easiest way to ingest weed without smoking is making some firecrackers. Its easier than brownies, and works very well too.
    The weed in alcohol (rum or whatever) is called Green Dragon, and its also an excellent way to ingesting it, even if it requres some time and work for making it.
    And there are the homemade cannabis capsules, which i never tried, but people says its amazing, even if it also requires some time and work to prepare.
    Just remember that eating/drinking weed works better (sometimes only works) on an empty stomach. Also, it takes some hours for the effects to kick in, so dont eat/drink too much thinking "it didnt work", cause when it kick in you may get TOO high... :stoned::abduct::thumbsup:
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  6. O'skool

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    I find that eating it is so much better for me to control my pain...but i hate the taste...what i do is cook or just eat a small dose of has less of that "canna" taste... good luck
  7. flyingimam

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    dont eat raw herb in any form, u will waste it cuz THC is not extradited yet and your body can only extract so much of it

    i know u said non-smoking, but holding your hit/breath until clear exhale comes out is also a good way for that last nostalgic bowl lol

    i have heard from a friend that there are some movements u can do, some may require good body physique as well as enough space to do them in, that will intensify the high, i really dont know the moves nor i can verify if he was bs'in me or not... but i know when u smoke weed and hold a good hit inside and move your body in a fast manner for a lil while, your body will need more blood flow and oxygen thus speeding up the process of absorbing thc to blood and to the cells thus making u get a quicker/more intense high

    I used to luv a 100 meter sprint right after my blunts... that would give me and my friends a good 30 minutes of baseless/stupid laughs

    good luck on getting the most out of last of your weed and i hope u find a connect very soon in your new home area, wish i can move westward soon.
  8. stinkyattic

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    Third link in my siggy... the caramels are so delicious you might want to make some NON medicated, too! They are discreet enough to bring with you- if there is a shop locally that sells handmade candies, get a box with one of their labels and carry them in that. Carfeul, your co-workers might try to dip in! :jointsmile:
  9. dean0000

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    I beleive that THC is released at around 180C. I have heard of making cannabutter but at 180C the butter would have become 'nutty' making it no good for sweet cooking, you could use it for savoury though.

    I always associate highs with smoking, I just think the high feels better because of the other compounds in the smoke that affect you, like the CBN's.
  10. BudGrower

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    I've never tried eating brownies or such, but I've heard that it is harder to control your dosage by eating pot. Smoking it is easier to control your dosage. I have overdosed before and it is hell, barfing for many hours.
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  11. weedeater97

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    I tried milk last night. Boiled about 3 grams in 8oz of milk for 35 min on low heat. Now, usually it has taken a lot of orally injested MJ to make me feel anything. But this milk ended up being potent as hell, I could have probably gotten sufficiently stoned on 2 oz instead I foolishly finished off the milk. I mixed some chocolate in it and poured it over ice so it was like chocolate milk. It was delicious. I was stoned for about 15 hours. But it was definitely too powerful for the first 3 or 4 hours. I passed out after 6 hours and was still stoned when I woke up this morning, 12 hours later.
  12. psycho slug

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    one way which i would like to try and im pretty sure there was a thread on here about it too is making capsules out of it and taking them like medication. i think it said in the thread that you only need about three pills and it will knock you on your ass:Rasta:
  13. grumio

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    Tincture, aka Green Dragon.

    1. great stealth
    2. very efficient extraction of thc - more bang for your buck
    3. relatively easy dosage control

    • Does take a little work. Best for someone with some kithcen skills.
    • needs some think-ahead - it's best taken on an empty stomach, takes at least 20 minutes to come on, & lasts longer than smoking/vaping.
    • The taste. Not a problem for me, but apparently it is for some.

    It's worth looking into.
  14. papadelicious

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    I would probably go with vaporization, I think that it's very efficient and stealthy, also isn't bad for your lungs

    I still like to smoke the best, nothin like a fat j or a nice bong :jointsmile:
  15. Blaize

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    Saw this thread and just wanted to ask a question. I have trouble with the taste of medicated eatibles and was wondering if certain things taste more "cannafied" then others? I saw the post about the Canna Carmels, and was wondering how strong the Cannabis taste is? Is there a way to get decently strong eatibles without the taste? Thanks!
  16. solidstate

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    I don't know about the caramel, but chocolate and especially lemon treats/pastries hide the flavor well. In San Francisco's The Sanctuary they had a Lemon Bar, you can't taste the weed much, and it was the strongest pastry I've ever had.

    If the tastes bothers you that much, put more kief instead of plant matter. Or experiment with water curing.
  17. SirHashaLot

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    "Simple Style"

    If you just want to be able to use it and not always have to bake a batch of cookies or brownies, one way which I've found to be very useful is to stick an 8th of crumbled up kind bud in a small bottle of olive oil. It turns dark green but doesn't really taste much different from the oil itself. Then just cook up some eggs, or drip some on toast... whatever you like. When you cook with it you can't taste it but it's VERY strong and works great as a way to have it around on the shelf. - bon apetite!

    And if you smoke a lot of pot you really need this ELEV8
  18. notben

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    You can't overdose MJ... the amount that you need to "overdose" is something insane like your own body weight in an hour. Near impossible.
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  19. SirHashaLot

    SirHashaLot Registered

    You might want to add...

    You might want to add... eating a large amount ( or even a bit too much) of some strong bownies or cookies or whatever, can also be "VERY" Unpleasant.. It's not like smoking alot, you can get the spins and strong disorientation.
    Eat with care...

    and if you smoke a lot of herb you need this ELEV8
  20. grumio

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    My understanding is that there are very few cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system, so it really is pretty much impossible to "overdose" in the opiate/barbituate sense.

    If by "overdose" you mean take enough to have an extremely unpleasant experience where you THINK you're dying, yes, you CAN do that, & the usual culprit is edibles.

    The vast bulk of my consumption is oral (tincture) & I've never gotten "too stoned." I've been where I could see "too stoned" pretty clearly, though - yep, there it is, right over there...

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