How can I tell if I have throat cancer?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by orangeman, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. orangeman

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    Well I have to admit something pretty stupid I've been doing. When I roll blunts I the parts that usually get torn with my mouth or fall off I usually eat it (meaning it goes down my throat) if it's already in my mouth. I dont take pieces of blunts and just eat them, but I do if it's already in my mouth. Now over the days I've developed a sort of sore throat. My throat has not been severly sore and it doesnt hurt when I swallow saliva but like everything else, if I did have cancer it has to develop and maybe these are just the mild days of it. I'm really hoping I dont have it but when ever I yawn theres something in my throat that hurts, not to where I would say "ouch" but it hurts enough to be noticable. So my question is how can I tell if I have throat cancer? I know it seems pretty stupid but I rather be safe than sorry (and worried which only causes more stress :p).
  2. rajking86

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    .......dont eat nasty 75 cent tobacco wraps
  3. birdgirl73

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    Orangeman, hon, you're only 16. You don't have throat cancer. You have a strong tendency to worry that you have various medical conditions. But you don't have throat cancer. Even if you did, you wouldn't be able to tell it yourself, and chances are it'd start out with a growth or a tumor, not a sore throat. Some oral cancers start out with whitish patches, but then so do some types of infections, too. Oral and throat cancers tend to happen in older folks who've had a long history of tobacco chewing, snuff dipping, cigarette smoking, etc.

    Chances are, you simply have a sort throat or soreness from drainage down the back of your throat. Summer is allergy season, you know, and sore throats are a classic symptom of allergies. If it worries you so much that it's stressing you out, you can go to the doctor. If your regular doctor thinks it's serious, he/she can send you to an ear-nose-throat doctor. In the impossibly unlikely event that someone did think it was an early malignancy, they'd have to take a sampling of tissue and send it off to a pathology lab to be biopsied.

    Try to stop worrying and take some Benadryl (50 mg) and see if that clears up your drainage and stops the soreness. You can also try Aspergum, which is aspirin-containing gum, which is also good for a sore throat.
  4. KoTToN MouTH

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    unless u have a PhD (no not pretty huge d***) u cant tell. take a break from the blunts if that is what u usually smoke... when i was younger me and the homies would love to smoke blunts... but after a while the throat gets irritated cause blunts are thick and usually soaked in some flavored solution(depends what blunts) but still blunt paper is thick. do some pipe hits or joints. even try to cut back a little so ur throat can heal.
  5. weedheaduknow

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    i'm sure its nothing man, just give it another month or so, if it still hurts, get it checked out.
  6. orangeman

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    Ummm...yeah, it's nothing lol. Sorry guys I just get over-paranoid when I suspect somethings wrong with me. You know how it is xD. Well atleast it's feeling better. It's not totally gone but it's getting better each day.
  7. birdgirl73

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    Glad to hear you've come to the conclusion that you don't have a terminal disease. This means you'll live long enough to experience another medical scare of some kind. Probably in about three weeks if you stay true to your current schedule.

    Feel better, little buddy, and try to stop worrying.
  8. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    LOL, I'll try my best.
  9. azure

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    ask the doc
  10. NextLineIsMine

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    I can completely assure you that you dont have cancer as bird girl said cmon your only 16, it will be decades till you do.

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