How Cannabis friendly is the Manteca area?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by mattp29, May 28, 2009.

  1. mattp29

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    I just recently found out Im moving about a hour and a half east of San Fran for work and was wondering how the Manteca/Stockton area is in relation to cannabis????
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  2. yesoer

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    no clubs in manteca but your by sac, s.f., and oakland so make the most of it
  3. eastbayboss510

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    manteca? its all about who u know n trust me it aint easy 2 find it out there i remember once i was out there i was networkin for like 6 or 7 hours until i finally got some theres alot of lazy ass hustlas out there dat seem 2 not giva fuk if you tryna put some money in they pocket but tracy got fire when im out there i know this dat gits his shit from the mendocino/humboldt area now in stockton its easy as fuck to find weed people will come up 2 u and ask if u need sum regardless theres sum coo shit str8 fire shit and bammer out here it just depends on who u fuckin wit
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  4. eastbayboss510

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    theres clubs in modesto & stockton used 2 be one in tracy when i was livin out there i think they got shut down doe
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    MJACTIVIST Registered+

    Your nuts. Theres no club in Stockton. I've had my card since 2002 and the only club thats been around here was the Valley Wellnesds in Tracy and they were shut down two years ago.
    You just gotta do some work and be carefull who u trust. you'll find something good.
  6. mymeds215

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    You should be fine in Manteca, plenty of good and bad stories just like anywhere else but they do respect the law although a family town...For updates on the Manteca collective(s) send me a private message with your email.
  7. mattp29

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    Thanks for the feedback!:pimp:
  8. Lanietheberner

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    Stay away from...

    San Joaquin Medi-Caregivers delivery (209) 456-0680. These guys have physically robbed many people, and shot at a couple suppliers. We don't need these criminals in this business
  9. eastbayboss510

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    oh really?

    San Joaquin County Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
    Central Valley Co-op submit review
    No info available
    Livermore, California
    Central Valley Co-op Livermore Cannabis Club Reviews
    Mary Wanda Deliveries submit review

    Medical Marijuana Delivery Service
    Stockton, California 95204
    Phone: (209) 256-0270
    Mary Wanda Deliveries Stockon Cannabis Club Reviews

    Mojo Clones submit review
    no info available
    Stockton, California
    Mojo Clones Stockon Cannabis Club Reviews

    Mt. House CannaBliss submit review
    no info available
    Tracy, California
    Mt. House CannaBliss Tracy Cannabis Club Reviews
  10. sscc420

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    Clolsest dispensary to Manteca

    If you go up HWY 99 the closest dispensary to you in Manteca is So Sac Care Center. We are a new dispensary, but have a great selection of quality meds.


    114A Otto Circle
    916 393-1820
  11. Mississippi Steve

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    My brother lives in Manteca....he doesn't have a problem finding, as well as growing. He has been getting his clones from Oakland. He just started a grow of a couple of Nor Cal Daddys Girl plants. He and I share beans. For that matter, I was just fixin to send him a couple of really nice Toxic Blue buds and some beans for it.
  12. potszilla

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    No Problem

    :thumbsup:Ive used Mthouse cannablissmeds a few times... well more than a few times heehee! their great!! nice fatt sacks, always yummy!! their web page is pretty cooltoo! lots of good info!!:jointsmile:
  13. MendoBill

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    No co-ops in Stockton, Manteca, Tracy or Modesto. If you have your Medical Cannabis card card, there are a couple of delivery services that will bring it to your door for around $50 1/8th. Last time I got purple skunk and it was outstanding. So far, Oakland and Sacramento are nearest places with co-ops.
  14. BigD408

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    as everyone is saying its really hit or miss around here in manteca. shoot me a pm and i can give u some referals of some good Pharmacists. :hippy:
  15. DocNoledge

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    You can score your medical pot online. Check out They deliver free if you have your Drs' recommendation and you live in CA. I know Manteca well, lots of buds there.

    MJACTIVIST Registered+

    All I see there are some old ass listings. That u have no way of getting in contact with. And I know of delivery services that will come to Stockton. But I dont consider them clubs. Sorry. the only place that can have clubs in the San Joaquin county is Ripon.
  17. GreyBush

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    I live in Mt House, how do you contact these guys "Mthouse cannablissmeds" Thanks

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