how cold can a marijuana plant handel?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by hydrocannabis, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. hydrocannabis

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    how cold can a marijuana plant handel?

    can they handel temps in the 60s in the day and 50s in the nights.
    can they handell it.

    I wanted to let my plants flower all the way till end of oct or middle of november be for I have to harvest them.
    I do have a clear tarp over them to keep them wormer and to seep the rain off them.

    I really hope thgey can handel a little coldness. the news said its gunna be worming up agen in the next few days here.
  2. killerweed420

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    They can handle 50 no problem. I've seen them get down to freezing and do fine.
  3. Treetops

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    Heres some Hawaiian Snow growin on my problems so far from the state of NY...I'm hopin to go till the end of the month with no problems...hope you can do the same...remember our plants are pretty tough plants...get them acclimated to the area, and they may become part of the local fauna..unless they are just bagseed which would not be such a good idea then..

    Good luck with your plant and hopes she is a tough one as well...

    Treetops :thumbsup:

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  4. stinkyattic

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    Some can take a frost. It's strain dependent. At the end of the saeson, they are finishing their life cycle and dying anyway.
    Indoors it's a whole different ball game. Don't let temps drop below 60'F for extended time unless you are within just a week or 2 of harvest and trying to get your plants purple.
  5. hydrocannabis

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    the 2 strains that I have left R the cheese and Hawaiian skunk. they R both the stinkest plants I have ever smelled.and stickest lookin buds I have ever seen.

    Im not trying to get purple buds or anything. Its that some of the trich on the buds R still clear.
    and I wanted to have 95% milky and 5% amber.

    see links for pix. see end of ther page for newest pix.

    this is the first time I have ever smelled a rotten cheese sent when growing weed.:D
    and the hawiian skunk smells really really skunky with a hint of fruit.:D

    well my area was said to get sunny agen soon.:D:stoned::stoned::D
  6. zoott

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    if they die from frost can u just dry and cure them as normal without any issues?
  7. madeline

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    yes, frost will not hurt the flowers but if the plant has been killed by frost you'll want to get it harvested asap.

    around 45-50 the plant will slow down its growth and ripening and much colder than that tends to make it go dormant. if you're getting temps in that range you should be watching them very closely...after a couple weeks or so of no growth you might as well bring them in. and pay close attention to your long range forecasts...indian summers can bring on a growth spurt at the very end!

    good luck
  8. hydrocannabis

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    It is gunna get down to 39 to night. R my plants gunna start to die.
    there under a good tarp.

    I was planning on harvest eather the 31 oct or the 3 nov.
    can the make till then.

    It is gunna be in the mid to high 70s in the day time.

    thanks for the help on this.
  9. 420atsk

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    I know its a bit to late but im growing with a 4x4 homemade panda plastic tent outside and its gone from 87 to 40's at night and has been fine i left one out the other night and it got down to 32 w/winds and all is doing well

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