How Cold is too Cold

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by rocklobster4040, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Another noob grower question. As I have stated in other post, I am pumping AC into my grow box which is working great when the lights are on. The problem that I have noticed is that when the lights are out the temp get down to 60-65 degrees. The AC is a window unit, so I am trying to find the right setting on the thermostat for both lights and no lights.

    So i guess the real question is how cold is too cold??

    thanks in advance

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    Ideally you only want a 10 degree shift in temperature from the light on cycle to the lights off. How warm does it get with the lights on? Can you put your AC unit on the same timer as your lights?
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    50 degrees is too cold.

    Root temp is what is important. The plant can tolerate well over 100 degrees if the soil temp is less than 70 degrees. Soil temps above 80-85 and it is too warm.

    In the winter I will insulate the pots from the concrete floor to keep them warmer, and in the summer I will put the pots directly on the concrete to help cool them.

    A plant that is too cold will show strong reds and purples in the tops during flower and stunt. My avatar is a plant that suffered low temps during flower. Looks cool, not so sure it did the plant any good.

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