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    Hey everyone,

    I've been growing in soil with fairly good success with my Northern Lightsx Skunk, tangerine kush and maple leaf indica strains. I usually yield about 8 oz per month on avg. However, i went and saw an old friend of mine that is growing with hydroponics... and needless to say, I am very impressed with hydro results. So I am going to buy an ebb and flow system, like this one ====> High Tech Garden Supply

    For my soil grows I clone with a little 8 site clone machine. Once i get some roots I transplant the clones to Styrofoam cups until they get a decent root system. Then I veg them for 3-4 and repot them in between those weeks to 1/2 gal containers so they can get a nice root system and then when they are big enough to transfer to flowering I once again repot them into 3 gallon pots and flower them. With my soil grow I have 9 plants flowering all the time on different schedules. I harvest about 4 of them each month and put 4 new 1 month old veged clones in so I can harvest every month instead of 2 months.

    Ok.. so the question that has been bugging me and I can't seem to figure out is this.. If I grow with my ebb and flow system, how would i go about doing the same thing, harvesting 4-5 plants every month and then replacing 4-5 more. Keep in mind I want at least 3-4 weeks veg time for my clones. With soil i just transplant to a bigger pot when the clones get root bound. How would I go about growing the clones for a month and then placing them into my hydro system without having two separate hydro flowering rooms? I have a room for my clones, mothers and veging plants and I have a room for flowering. I guess the real question is what medium should I use to place the newly rooted clones from my clone machine in so they can grow big enough (1 month veg time) for flowering so I can keep harvesting decent sized plants every month and not have to grow 1 month veg in the ebb and flow system them change to flower for another 2 months.. cuz that would mean I'd only harvest once every 3 months. I hope that makes sense. Please help! Look at the pictures for the layout of my growroom to see what i mean. Thanks!!

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    Sorry I forgot to put the link to the ebb and flow system I bought, so you know what the setup will be like.. here is the link ---> High Tech Garden Supply
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    Nice system but I would have to split it in half. You would just need 6 on a rez because veg plants don't get the same nutes as 6 plants four weeks into flower and then flush time. I'm setting up a sea of green at a bro's house for us. I would love that system of buckets. use hydrotron and don't move the buckets just the tops so you don't have to move too much just change to the new nute mix.

    We are running 3 tubs with 6 plants in each. So I really need 12 tubs. 6 tubs in flower and 6 in veg. Turning over 3 tubs a month. 3 in 3 out. Keeping up with cloning and veg is the key. Each set of 3 tubs needs thier own nute mix. It's alot of work and all our ducks are just starting to line up.

    If it takes say 10 days to root clones. Harvest and rooted clones happen at the same time. So start rooting clones 2 weeks before harvest. That gives them 4 weeks veg. 2 sets in flower 2 sets in veg, all at different stages.

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