How do I find a dealer?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Vexxx, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Vexxx

    Vexxx Registered

    I've been trying to get started for the past 3 weeks. So far, I've had no luck. I don't know how I'm going to find someone who sells weed where I live, but I think I have getting my first pipe down. I just need to know if checks your age when the package gets to you, or if they check it if you get it sent to a PO box.

    Can anyone give me some pointers?:dance: :confused:
  2. LordRuffleMontgomery

    LordRuffleMontgomery Registered+

    It's all about knowing the right people, just ask around, talk to peers, co-workers, etc. I'm not sure the size of the city you live in, but in my current place of residence, the town's about 200,000 large, not too big but I've made enough contacts to get any drugs I could ever want or need at a very good price/potency.
  3. Vexxx

    Vexxx Registered

    I have 20k people in my shit. I'm just too shy and have such a nerdy do-gooder appearance that I am nervous to do this shit.
  4. endo..jay

    endo..jay Registered+

    find someone that looks like a smoker adn ask them to borrow some papers...
    cuz they arent illegal...if he does than more than likely he will have bud or know where to get sum
  5. JerryGarcia

    JerryGarcia Registered+

    Ask around at school. My old guy got busted so just today I was looking for a dealer and I got like 3 phone numbers.
  6. vengeance

    vengeance Registered+

    i know what you mean when your not a hardcore/bogan/stoner you dont want to go up to one of them and ask for pot they be calling you a stoner till the day you die and you dont want that spreading to parents, princables and such. i have a friend that will definitly be in the right place when hes older. anyways if you look like a nerd on the street wear a hoody, jeans and (if you look half decent in them) sunnys no big deal
  7. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    the yellow pages
  8. jay42

    jay42 Registered+

    The best is to find people that aren't stoners or hardcore drug dealers when your just starting out. Find someone who smoke casually on occasion. That's how I did it, and then you can talk to others as you get more into their circle.
  9. Fan o KmK

    Fan o KmK Banned

    yea man it really depends on where u live. but i know in some parts of my town u cant just go around askin for weed. and even if u score some, ur gona have a mob of dealers stalkin and pushing you for the rest of ur life. best bet is to just ask a friend that smokes to hook u up every once in a while. safest bet.
  10. tokinggreg

    tokinggreg Registered+

    Alright, I used to think the same way about not wanting to make everyone think i'm a stoner etc. I go to Harvard so I was like, better not ruin my reputation, but then one day I was thinking, this is ridiculous. As long as you act cool about it, no one really cares. And yes, some people are giving you really good advice-- contact people who you know definitely smoke weed. Within two hours I had three dealers in my neighborhood. Then it's just a matter of trying to figure out which one is ripping you off the least which is really tough when you're starting out, but I sort of lucked out with that part.
  11. bluhoo

    bluhoo Registered+

    What is your email addy? We are on the opposite side of the state, down near SC. Not sure if we can help you that far away.
  12. scream

    scream Registered+

    if there is a head shop near go there and ask someone who looks cool. problem solved
  13. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    I've met all my connects through work and friends. If you go to school, surely one of your peers would know where to get some.

    Or, as someone suggested, ask someone who looks like a stoner (, ask them for a paper, then there you go, go from there.

  14. RatedR

    RatedR Registered+

    Outer Banks, you gettin that beach shit!
  15. soxsuk6432

    soxsuk6432 Registered+

    I just talked to my friends and people in school and I found connects but the problem is now alot of people know that I smoke now and I'm trying to fix that.
    Just ask around.
    I dont mean to change the subject but can someone tell me how I can make people stop thinking I smoke?
  16. Th3 Chr0nic

    Th3 Chr0nic Registered+

    ppl think u smoke, unless u have a brainwashing device just forget about it. those that know---know.

    when i was in college i would just ask ppl that i had smoked with b4 where i could find anything and they always help out, and i would meet new ppl that smoked and they would be like "what u smoke???? i never woulda thought that"
    and if u go asking around at head shops make sure the owners dont get pissed cause they dont like anything that can call attn to the police usually. here u cant even say the word bong when u go into one or they cant sell to u, must say water pipe
  17. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    You were looking for connects and now you got them. Not a big deal when someone thinks you smoke. Just a better chance of someone inviting you out back after school for a toke :thumbsup: I don't care if people think I smoke, and the only people you should worry about is your folks and the police. Other than that, who cares! Plus, the more smokers you start to meet, eventually you'll be finding amazing deals and real high class weed.

    It took me a good few years to find someone I was happy with. Before, I was paying $200 for a half ounce of okay weed and now I pay $200 for a full of reallllllly nice cheebs. You just got to filter through all the crap before you get the good stuff.:cool:

  18. Testament

    Testament Registered+

    most people dont buy weed the first couple times they try it, they smoke it socially. ask them where they get it.....

    as far as finding the best deals, its all a matter of networking with people who are associated with smoking ...
  19. Vexxx

    Vexxx Registered

    Alright, I have had no success whatsoever. I know a kid who I've grown up with, and has become a really big stoner. I have been trying to gain his friendship so he'll sell me some hella tight shit, but I'm not around him enough. I've been looking for him or his girlfriend's AIM name for a couple of days.

    By the way, whoever said that beach thing about the outer banks is correct, but we have the highest percentage of drugs and alcohal in state... it's just too hard to find :D
  20. esweetie2269

    esweetie2269 Registered

    hey just ask around. like at my school u can totally tell who the pot heads are...just go in the and say yo where is the bud? i went to the mall and was looking at a hookah at Spencers, and this girl was standing next to me, and i said id love to smoke sum my dro in that it probably hits good.. and she was (punkish) like I have sum dro too.. and we smoked together (on a high ride) and now shes my dro dealer.
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