How do I fix my ph problem?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by lazy smoker7, Oct 14, 2007.

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    OK ive been growing in Pro-Mix BX (soilless mix not soil). My plants are around 60 days old and have been in flowering for 2 days now. Few weeks ago I notticed something was wrong with my plants. The leaves are all spiny and twisty. So anyways I was told to leech my plants with ph corrected solution but I did not have ph down or up at that time so I just flushed my plants with my tap water which has a ph of 7.2 hoping it will help. Well that didnt really fix the problem of my ph. So i got some ph down today and I adjusted my tap water to 5.9 and I flushed one of my plants just as a test with water 2x the soil volume ( i didnt want to flush 3x the amount because i did that exactly 1 week ago with my 7.2ph water). I was thinking that if I did this it would fix my high ph in my soil and bring it to the correct range but no not really so I decided to hold off on flushing my other plants because my soil was still wet from the last watering. My run off ph at the end of the flush today on my one plant was 6.6 and I thought flushing it with 5.9 water would bring my soil ph down to the right level of ph for a soilless medium. So how exactly do I fix my soil ph so my plants can become healthy again? Is having a run off of 6.6 good for soilless just as long as all the water/nutrients go into the pot as 5.9 or in the soilless ph range? Please some one explain to me exactly how I would lower the ph of my soilless medium from 6.6 to the correct levels. Or do I just keep watering with 5.9 water from now and and eventually will the soil ph drop over time? Also should I flush all my plants again with ph corrected water even tho the medium is still a bit wet from when i watered few days ago? I would greatly appreciate it if you can clear up my confusion. Thanks for taking the time to read. :jointsmile: (p.s i been using water in the 7.3 - 7.8 range my whole grow if that helps with anything for needing info and i alwayshad twisty leaves and stuff it just starting to get bad now.)
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    If you're having troubles finding pH down, you could always try an Aquarium supply store.. usually they have acidity control liquids that are animal/food grade.

    Doesn't ProMix Bx have dolomite lime premixed in ? Either way , i'd continue to water 6ph and allow the soil to come down .. flush all plants with ph balanced water and allow them to recover :)
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    yea it has lime in it but it surprizing that my run off reads 6.6 after the flush with 5.9 phed water so my soil is to high. So from now on I should always water ph6 and eventually the soil ph will correct it self? My plants are due for fertilizer should I give em ferts tommarow? because tomamrow is there fert day. Or should I wait till my run off goes to the correct range? Im just scared there gonan die do to the soil ph being to high and lock out etc.... Thanks for ur info bob bong (p.s im usuing ph truncheon to measure my ph so i doubt im getting inaccurate readings)
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    Feed anyway, but test and adjust the nute solution to just shy of 6.5 before feeding.
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    isnt 6.5 to high for soiless? What exaclty are the ph ranges for soiless mediums? I hear different numbers every were i look
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    I'd like to know that too because I'm thinking of trying the soilless myself.
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    any one? Seriously. Do I check my run off with watering with a ph of 7 or do I check ph run off with watering with a ph of 6 ???? Remember Im in a soiless mix.

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