how do i keep bugs off my plant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by spartacusxl, Aug 26, 2010.

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    hi, this is my 1st time growing and its gone very well so far. im growing in 5 gal buckets out doors.its coming to the end of august and both of my two plants are just starting to bud. iv put a lot of time and effort into these, but the lat few days i have been noticing very small green mite type bugs on the fan leaves. i noticed them because all the bottom leave started dying rappidly, i bought some pesticides used for vegetables but worry they might hurt the plant or effect the smoke> can any tell me if what i am doing is ok or is there anything better i can do???
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    Lower leaves will die off first as the Nitrogen is used up by the plant so make sure they are indeed mites. Because if it a different type of bug that will do little to no harm to your plants, then i wouldn't worry about the issue much. But, if they are mites you need to really knock them out as they will lay eggs in the soil just in time to eat your buds. If your using an organic spray your good, but make sure the bottle says it will kill mites and the eggs. Spray the under parts of the leaves, the buds, stem and the top soil. Just to make sure these fuckers are dead. Iv never had them, knocking my head against wood!, but iv seen and read what they can do.

    Im using a fungicide now on mine, because iv gotten some funk on my plants. So when i harvest, il just spray them down with water to clean them off, just in case, but dude, people use the shit in gardens so im sure your good, but id give them a once over with the hose at harvest time, it wont hurt them and by just shaking the plants off will rid the organic spray along with the extra water. Its way better then letting mites get a hold of them, cuz like i said they are bad. And make sure its on the bottle, that it will kill mites and the eggs, mine said it. Some stuff will just kill bugs, which mites are in a different category i think and not called a bug so i guess what im saying is to make sure that your using they correct shit to kill what the problem is and not miss something that could come back when your ready to harvest:thumbsup:

    Good luck man and id try and get one of those mites to be sure that it is indeed a mite and not something ya really dont need to mess with, plus this way you can make sure the stuff you are using will kill mite, cuz some dont:cool:

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    Hang hot shot no pest strips all over it so it looks like a decorated christmas tree.. No just kidding. I would suggest some of the natural organic pest spray. I like to use the stuff made of all natural oils. You can find it at the home depot. It has always worked well on bugs here.
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    Organic Neem Oil is a Cannabis growers best friend. Green Light brand Neem Oil can be used all the way up to the day of harvest. The oil is pressed from the nut of the Neem Tree. It is 100% organic and non-toxic to humans.

    I use it religiously against pests and molds. Spray foilage 1 time every 7-14 days, include a Neem Oil watering to fight soil bound pests.

    Keep using the stuff, even after the bugs go away. It will not only get rid of them, but keep them away. :thumbsup:
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    thanks for the reply's guys , yes i have been using organic vegetable pesticide and it seems to be going good so far , i first noticed them because leaves were beginning to die, then i noticed little holes on the lower leaves, so iv been spraying up 2 three times a week, and i removed the lower dying hole filled leaves.
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    something I have had great success with is using dry mustard 1 tbsp in a quart of warm water..

    put in a regular spray bottle and wet the plant down... the mustard drives the bugs off, and its not going to poison you... unless your allergic to mustard

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    Does this really work?? Is ground mustard the same?
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    Neem Oil, (and also the bug bomb sprays), leave oily residue everywhere on the plants. When hot sun or lights hits this residue, it can cause damage to the leaves. The bug bomb sprays leave residue everywhere in your rooms. I hated the residue, who wants it on the buds? So I went looking and studying hard to find something better.

    I found Azatrol (also sold as Azamax). This product is made out of neem oil, but without the residue. It is OMRI rated, for organic grows. It is an insect growth inhibitor, they eat the stuff on the leaves, and can't molt. It takes a day or two to work, but if you plant to use it in advance of having an infestation, it really works. So it gets not only the adults, but the eggs when they hatch, because they're eating the Azatrol on the leaves. You can use it right up to harvest.

    My plants are 8 and 9 foot tall, outdoors. I can't stop the mites from coming in with the wind, along with thrips. I use a atomizing blower to apply the Azatrol, so that it doesn't take so long.
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