how do i keep my plant small???

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Zelazem, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Zelazem

    Zelazem Registered+

    so i just started growing in a small box prbly 2ft tall how do i keep it from growing beyond that but still have buds
  2. Surfnbird

    Surfnbird Registered+

    one 2ft is a little short but 3 to 4 ft would have been better but the best way to keep it short is to either LST= low stress training or you can top you plant so once it get about a foot and half tall cut the top of and it wont grow any higher just busher.
  3. Hempsouth

    Hempsouth Registered+

    Get some autoflower genetics, they don't go much over 12"-18", some strains are even shorter.

    You will have to top a plant early and often to bush it out to stay under 24".
  4. Zelazem

    Zelazem Registered+

    so how do i top it? like is there any specific way?
  5. Zelazem

    Zelazem Registered+

    so does anyone know how to top a plant???
  6. DreadedHermie

    DreadedHermie Registered+

    I think what's being discussed here is simply cutting, or pinching off, the main growing stem, just as you might with other kinds of plants.

    LST ("Low stress training") is something you should research; you'll get tired of cutting off all your growing tips, and the plant might, too.

    I like that green-plastic coated wire--like the twist-tie from a loaf of bread, except on a long spool--$2-3 at Home Depot. Punch some holes around the lip of the pot to secure it, and start tying down the tallest shoots. :thumbsup:
  7. Surfnbird

    Surfnbird Registered+

    how to top

    to top your plants you cut the top of your plant on when it reaches your desired height. you do this in veging this way the plant bushes out instead of growing up.
  8. midnightAK

    midnightAK Registered+

    training the plant is prolly your best bet.. topping will stress and fuck with auxins if u flip it to flower to soon while its recovering the top. lst is much less stress involving and more forgiving technique to start with.

    grab a roll of safety wire or like above said (those paper bound twist ties work good too + there usually free near the veggies in groceries. )

  9. JackdaWack

    JackdaWack Registered+

    also look up scrog-screen of green, u do this after you lst, tie down the plant, and then palce some chicken wire or something similar on the top of the plants, This keeps growth under the wire and allows the bud shoots to pop through.

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